Video Journal: World still reeling and shell-shocked from Donald Trump’s surprise win over rival Hillary Clinton

November 2016WASHINGTON – As election evening began in Midtown Manhattan, people who wanted Donald Trump to win — loyal Republicans who risked the scorn of conservative critics to work hard on Trump’s behalf — were not only not sure he would win, they were actively trying to imagine the best-case scenario for his defeat. But how could so many people get it wrong? So many people said Donald Trump would never be president. A host of people even laughed at the idea – though none are laughing now. 

Let’s rewind the clock back to election night: At the Hilton Midtown, where Trump would hold his election-night event, a Republican strategist who had worked on the Dole campaign, two Bush campaigns, the McCain campaign and the Romney campaign had little confidence Trump would win, but felt sure he would exceed Romney. Even a close loss would have value, he explained, because it would likely force the Beltway Republicans who refused to help Trump to look into the mirror and ask whether they could have done more to elect a GOP president.
That’s the kind of thinking that was going on in the early evening of the most extraordinary election night in U.S. history. Trump supporters wanted Trump to win — that’s why they were there — but there were doubts galore. Even Jeff Sessions, the Alabama senator whose early endorsement was a huge boost for Trump, seemed unsure about a Trump victory. Sessions said that in the last few days he visited Trump county headquarters in Arizona and Virginia. He was struck by the intensity of the support there. “The feelings of the American public are legitimate, and the politicians need to hear it,” Sessions told me. “This isn’t going away. This isn’t a one-time thing.”
The implication was, if Trump lost, Trump’s focus on working Americans would go on. All the while, the Trump campaign was expressing optimism. I ran into Jason Miller, the communications director, the night before the election and the morning voting began. He said Trump strategists felt very good not just about Florida but about North Carolina and Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania and other Rust Belt states. –Star Beacon

Mission Impossible: Trump wasn’t supposed to win and Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to lose. All the big money and influence was in Hillary Clinton’s favor. This was the most dramatic and profound presidential election in U.S. history. Why? If Wall Street heavy hitters and big banks endorse someone like Hillary Clinton, if Hollywood celebrities endorsed her, if you’re Clinton and former and acting U.S. presidents are you, if 51 national securities advisers tell you Trump is bad news, if every poll in America tells you Trump is losing to Clinton, if prominent Republicans from their own political party cross party lines and publicly announce they are going to vote for the Democrat nominee , if feminist supporters are galvanized against you and are voting for Clinton – if a tape surfaces just 2 weeks before the election incriminating you in some sexist, misogynist controversy, you’re not supposed to win a presidential election. You’re not supposed to be even close to winning. Yet Trump pulled off the upset win of the century. Donald J. Trump’s presidential election win may just go down as the most stunning political upset in history.



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5 Responses to Video Journal: World still reeling and shell-shocked from Donald Trump’s surprise win over rival Hillary Clinton

  1. Dennis E. says:

    There are at least two on going issues bothering the world right now. There are more, but these two stand out to me.
    1) The Sovereignty of a nation which include open borders.
    2) Fair Trade/economic policies.
    After I left Europe in 1985 and the EU was spreading its wings, border points entering and leaving Germany to France and and the other low countries.
    Problem. Opened the countries borders to near free movement of terrorists to enter. Need I repeat the recent terror attacks in Europe?Allowed access to drug runners and look at The Muslim silent invasion into Europe.
    Back here in The U.S., we have yet to see the ramifications of the silent invasion through our southern borders.
    Since The Clinton Administration, NAFTA, jobs have run out this country to countries where cheap labor can be hired and I can say to you as you can to me, sub quality craftsmanship of the clothes,footwear and other items is terrible. My mom purchased a hat made in China with a warning that the glue or what ever holds the head band in place could cause cancer.
    Before J.C.Penney’s closed in my city, I looked at the clothing line they offered and some of the clothes looked as if it had been made from 6 ply toilet paper.
    Terrible. I am not against trade, I want fair trade.
    It is a very dangerous and unsettled time in our world. I think this populist rising, which I support, may unfortunately open the door for a major world crisis to unfold: Create the situation in which people will eagerly(or by force) give up their hold on national sovereignty for peace and protection. Or by deception. In that of an supposed Alien 1st contact disclosure. Something is going to happen to disrupt this current populist movement.
    Take advantage of the time.
    Perhaps there was a divine intervention.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:


      Take advantage of the time. Perhaps there was a divine intervention.”

      One might be hard-pressed to explain it otherwise. This was like a battle between David and Goliath. Donald Trump was facing the nearly $200 million political machine of the Democrats and he spent virtually nothing in comparison. As a matter of fact, it was said Donald Trump spent more of his own money on “Make America Great Again,” caps than he did on media advertising in the key swing states.

      After this, I don’t think anyone will question his financial skills again. Time to tackle the U.S. budget.

  2. Dennis E. says:

    One more comment:
    On the web site there is a post in the editors selection that asks the question.
    Will Donald Trump take The U.S. out of The United Nations?

  3. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Perhaps the theme song for this election may have been a huge chorus of the working and little people singing the WHO’s… WE WONT BE FOOLED AGAIN!!!

  4. niebo says:

    Great points, Dennis E. and JSS. The outrush of jobs was NOT among the promises made by Pres. Clinton, who reassured,

    “There have been 19 serious economic studies of NAFTA by liberals and conservatives alike; 18 of them have concluded that there will be no job loss.”

    (The above link, from the Office of the Press Secretary, provides the ACTUAL text from the meeting at the White House, during which W J Clinton signed the agreement.)

    People believed him, and, indeed, were fooled, because the trend of exporting jobs has continued. As this article (with accompanying chart) reveals,

    “Where did all the making-stuff and growing-stuff jobs go? They went into services.”

    THe US took a chance on “hope and change” in 2008 and got robbed of both. I think it really is that simple. I cannot think of a single promise that BHO made during his campaign that he actually kept, from closing Guantanamo Bay to universal “Affordable Care”, and I am not alone. A whole lot of other people who REALLY trusted him feel betrayed by a system that has done nothing but tax them in order to support the fraudulent policies of millionaire bankers and the “entitlement” class while driving the national deficit FAR BEYOND a reasonable (that is, PAYABLE) amount. And for what? For a foreign policy that has alienated our allies and caused us to become the most hated nation in the world? What?

    So . . . WTF just happened? Well, I think that HRC lost by an absolutely MASSIVE landslide, one that was too big for “them” to steal, and I DO believe that they tried like hell. BUT they lost because voters stopped believing the lies. That is, TRUST BROKE. It ain’t coming back, no matter what “they” (TPTB) do, regardless of the power-grabs, the crack-down on “fake news” (the “alt-right” that reported the truth and got it right), or the machinations of “public disturbance” that are scheduled to continue through inauguration day. The propaganda stopped working, and it will never work again.

    To me, in the face of decades and decades of corruption, THIS defeat of the status-quo IS divine intervention. Indeed, let us redeem the time we have, because, while I continue to pray that the truth is not silenced by the lies, I know in my spirit that “this” (the election, the electoral college, the inauguration) is NOT over yet.

    Come, Lord Jesus!

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