Anti-Trump protest spreads: 1 shot after ‘confrontation’ in Portland; marchers descend on NYC, L.A.

November 2016NEW YORKDemonstrators with signs reading “Not my president!” clogged streets in New York City on Saturday during a fourth day of anti-Trump protests nationwide, which included violence in Portland, Oregon, where one person was shot. Two 18-year-old men detained early Saturday were arrested later in the day in connection to the shooting on Portland’s Morrison Bridge, which occurred after 1 a.m. local time (4 a.m. ET) Saturday, police said. It was unclear whether the shooting was politically motivated.
“Preliminary information indicates that a suspect was in a vehicle on the bridge and there was a confrontation with someone in the protest,” Portland police said in a statement. “The suspect got out of the vehicle and fired multiple shots injuring the victim.” The victim is expected to survive, police said. The arrests were made after an off-duty officer spotted a suspect vehicle and detained four people who are believed to be “criminal gang associates,” police said. A firearm was found in the vehicle, police said.
Earlier, police reported that “burning projectiles” were being thrown at officers during one of three demonstrations that occurred simultaneously in the city. The gunshots came on the fourth night of protests in Portland. A day earlier, a similar rally boiled over into what police described as a “riot” after some demonstrators armed with bats smashed stores and cars, and others lit fires.
Elsewhere overnight Friday, marchers blocked a major roadway in the Miami area and hundreds gathered in Atlanta, Boston and other cities. By early Saturday in New York, a total of 11 arrests were reported. A larger protest that was organized Saturday afternoon began in Manhattan’s Union Square and ended at Trump Tower in midtown, where demonstrators stopped and chanted in front of the skyscraper where Trump resides and was meeting with visitors. MSNBC reported more than 16,000 protesters were expected outside of Trump Tower. “We reject the president-elect!” the crowd chanted along Fifth Avenue.
Among the sea of police officers, protesters and gawkers at Trump Tower were some familiar faces. Filmmaker Michael Moore showed up at the president-elect’s iconic Fifth Avenue landmark, live-streaming his visit as he made his way as far into the building as he could before security stopped him. Trump is an “illegitimate president and does not have the vote of the people,” Moore told NBC News as he ascended up the floors of the ornate building that bears Trump’s name in gold on the front of it. Moore, who was wearing a safety pin as a show of solidarity for minorities and women who feel threatened after Trump’s election, was stopped on the fourth floor when he asked to meet with Trump. “You’d have to check with his staff,” a secret service agent told him.  –NBC

The Dark Side of the protests: Soros was busted for paying protesters to go into Ferguson and stir things up. This is not theory. It’s FACT. The Daily Mail reported that Soros spent $33 million to bankroll the protests. The Washington Times reported that it was totally cool, though, because humanitarian that he is, Soros just wanted to help the civil rights movement. What a guy. Of course, this seems to be a thing with the kabillionaires. The Ford Foundation and Rockefeller foundation also fund “social activism.”  Which is kabillionaire code for “mess stuff up and wreak havoc.”  –Daisy Luther

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2 Responses to Anti-Trump protest spreads: 1 shot after ‘confrontation’ in Portland; marchers descend on NYC, L.A.

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Now children….

  2. Dennis E. says:

    One more comment:
    Fair is fair: After The Obama election, gun sales surpassed sales ever thought. Many white people expected Obama to use his power to instigate a racial civil war and for a while, it seems that it might happen. That was also a protest and a message. This morning FOX news reports protests have broken out in more cities nation wide.
    Recommend that you do not not ignore it.
    Also, stocks of smith and wesson has fallen. End of gun control some say.

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