Populist uprising in the U.S. shocks the world and propels Donald Trump into the presidency

November 2016POLITICSPresident Barack Obama said his legacy was on the ballot. His legacy lost on Tuesday night. Donald Trump’s election was a stinging rebuke for the president who pushed through transformational reforms on healthcare, Wall Street and the environment. And, especially for Democrats, it was all the more confounding given that his approval rating has rarely been higher — “paradoxical,” as former Obama strategist David Axelrod described it early Wednesday morning.
The polls and the media all got this wrong, just like they got BREXIT wrong. ABC News commentator, Matt Dowd, called the Trump win “the biggest miss in history.” Former ABC News Anchor Charlie Gibson said he was gob smacked.” He went on to say, “we’re in uncharted territory,” with Trump’s historic nomination as president.
Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, both she and Obama gambled that tethering her agenda to his rebounding personal popularity would help seal the progress he spent eight years battling for. “My name may not be on the ballot, but our progress is on the ballot,” Obama told a gathering of black leaders in September, in a formulation he would deliver repeatedly throughout the fall as he stumped for Clinton. He ticked off his accomplishments: expanded health coverage, economic recovery and troops largely removed from harms’ way in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And with his approval rating hovering in the mid-fifties — his highest in four or 7 years, depending on the poll — Obama seemed like a powerful surrogate. But it didn’t seem to be enough to drive even his supporters to the polls, with Clinton losing at least four states that Obama won twice. In fact, Democrats faced similarly disastrous results the last time Obama said his agenda, if not his name, was on the ballot. “Make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them,” Obama said in October 2014, just before the midterms. Democratic strategists cringed, and with good reason: Obama’s approval rating was in one of its deepest trenches. A month later, his party lost its majority in the Senate. Obama’s policies never achieved his level of popularity. His signature health law never cracked 50 percent approval in any Kaiser tracking poll — in October, Americans were evenly split, with 45 percent approving and disapproving of Obamacare.  –ABC News

The moment that turned it all around in America – Nigel Farrage’s historic U.S. speech in Mississippi for Trump united the disenfranchised and politically dissatisfied in America. It energized Trump supporters with “Brexit fever.”
Shock and dismay: What happened? The 2016 U.S. presidential election was a statement about “populist outrage.” The liberal globalist policies that have only favored big banks and further enriched the 1% have left the majority of the world’s population economically reeling on the sidelines of prosperity. On Election Day, the American electorate across the country unified in a single voice at the ballot box and expressed their outrage at the ‘status quo.’ The Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, Mitt Romney, Colin Powell and every other Republican who crossed Republican Party lines in disdain of Trump to vote for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, now have egg on their faces. They have proven, once again, they are on the wrong side of history. Hillary Clinton was heavily favored to win the U.S. election – or so, everyone thought. The reason the polls, political pundits, and liberal news media outlets in America all got it wrong is because Trump got it right. He tapped into the populist political sentiment simmering across America. Both BREXIT and Trump’s win represents a social and political revolution that continues to sweep the globe. It’s a call for a reordering of society – that the people’s voice be heard. It is an antipathy against globalism, political cronyism, military hegemony, and elitism. And we say, ‘Long live the revolution!’


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5 Responses to Populist uprising in the U.S. shocks the world and propels Donald Trump into the presidency

  1. Dennis E. says:

    On 11.08.16, The Globalist movement underestimated The intelligence of The American Public.
    Neil Cavuta on The Fox Business Channel said last night in regard to Market Futures, that the script wasn’t being followed because one time futures was down almost 500 points before I went to bed and the overseas market was almost as bad. I just heard that at one time futures was down close to 800 points, last night/this morning

    The sleeping public has awaken.
    Hillary did not come out until this morning to make a statement. I would love to have been a fly on the wall where she was at.

    All along, before last to include Fox News, the tempo was that Hillary about had it in the bag and the election was just a formality.

    God takes out and raises Kings and Presidents.

  2. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    For those of you who are living in other countries here is my take on this election as one of the deplorables who voted for TRUMP. Obama ‘s approval rating only went up because he started saying things that sounded good and of sound policy but that was only because the election was looming and he only fooled the people that either never took the time to search for truth or enjoyed the deviant lifestyles that he and his ilk keep trying to force down the populations throat.

    For those of us who were financially raped by the sellout to the too big to fail banks either directly or by job loss, well, our resolve was already set in stone. In some ways this really was like the second American revolution. In the first one the citizens were fighting against tyranny and non representation. So were we. In the first revolution the power establishment fought in rigid formation to over power the patriots but the patriots stayed down among the trees of the forest scattered about quietly waiting for the enemy to approach close enough.

    In our most famous battle George Washington took his worn, hungry, and bitterly cold patriots across the icy Delaware river, not far from where I live, and attacked the British army while they partied for the Christmas holiday.The elite are all about partying! Many people prayed and fasted for this election and it is a huge battle won but the war is not yet over. I talked to other patriots that agreed that any republican that decided to jump away from Trump simply because of the hollow accusations by the government shills called the main stream media needs to be ousted! They should not be allowed to ride on Trump’s coattails. They had their chance to repent of their errors before the election.

    It really was a vote against the global elite NWO people but the main stream media will never admit it. So BREXIT we are with you ! Hang in there! If more people took the time to study the evil truth of those who have been driving our country off the cliff I think Trump would have won the popular vote by a huge margin but the MSM was holding back on the damning evidence of the Clintons and their cronies. I have also had a new respect for the electoral college as if we went strictly by popular vote their would be endless recounts in a close race.

    Finally I want to thank you Alvin for keeping us well posted to current events worldwide that impacted the campaign season and of course Julian Assange who has virtually given up his life for truth. Wikileaks exposed the horrific evils that this satanic government was doing behind our backs. Also the many other alternate news services that relentlessly brought us the opportunity to enlighten others of the truth. This morning when I got out of work the air actually felt a little fresher. The heavy darkness that was clamping down on us was being lifted and it felt great.

    We now have hope.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      God humbles the proud and arrogant. Not so great being part of the 1% when only the majority matters, is it?

      You’re welcome,
      God bless

  3. Anna says:

    Sorry, but Trump is part of the elite. And record number of white voters said they agree with Trump’s policies of ridding this country of minorities. He ran on fear and he’s been elected with no political experience. This election was about race. It was white america’s last stand against a changing society that’s more inclusive of minorities and gays. I believe there is a climate crisis, that we agree with Alvin. But I am not a religious person and I believe in science. I can see Trump for what he really is–Hitler.2. Trump denies climate change. I fear for this world with him at the helm because of Russia’s involvement with the election this year. That is not to say I support Hillary because I think she was a corrupt candidate, I just believe Trump with the codes should scare all of us.

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