‘Once the three countries of the East come together, Russia, China and India, they can correct the U.S. power imbalance’

Putin ups the stakes in the geopolitical chess game of global domination. The Russian propaganda machine has gone into over-drive to paint a picture to Eastern countries, like India and China, that the U.S. really cares nothing about them.
October 2016RUSSIA/INDIA The biggest achievement of the just concluded BRICS summit in Goa was the revival of Russia- India friendship. This will promote peace and stability in Asia and the world. Russia and India together can change the equations of power between the east and the west toward restoring the balance of power in the world. In the last two centuries, this equation has been heavily tilted to the west resulting in western domination and its offshoot, American hegemony. This imbalance is the main cause of turmoil and instability in the world. Once the three major countries of the east; Russia, China and India come together then they can correct the imbalance and promote peace and harmony in the world.             
 Russia has been India’s most trusted and time tested friend. Western countries always tried to weaken and contain India. British colonialists partitioned India and created an artificial country, Pakistan, with two parts East and West Pakistan separated by a thousand miles of Indian Territory. Except for weakening and containing India, such an unnatural country had no other relevance. The Bengalis of East Pakistan had nothing in common with the Punjabis of West Pakistan except both were Muslims. By this token, there should be only one country for the Muslims of the whole world. Even the Arabs, who have lot more common than the Bengalis and the Punjabis, have many separate countries.    
Finally, with the Russian help, India was able to dismember the artificial country and at least two more natural countries, Bangladesh and Pakistan came in to existence. Whereas, the Bengalis were happy to be free from the Punjabis, the Punjabis seemed equally happy to get rid of them. However, many Punjabis in Pakistan have not gotten rid of their artificiality. They disown their mother tongue and keep claiming that Urdu is their mother tongue. They still subscribe to the British false propaganda that Punjabi is the language of the Sikhs. Some Punjabi lovers in Pakistan complain that they have been accused of being agents of the Sikhs. The British used every issue they could to divide the people. In Punjab they used language to divide the Punjabis which ultimately led to the partition of India. They incited the wrong feelings that Punjabi was the language of the Sikhs, Urdu was language of the Muslims and Hindi was language of the Hindus. The fact is that Punjabi was language of the Punjabis long before the Sikh religion came into existence.    

Deep down, the West has never trusted India. It has always considered India as a potential adversary. Even Obama has called India and China American competitors. America and other Western countries have never trusted India with their advanced technology or weaponry. Compared to this Russia has always given its best weaponry and technology to India. Russia is giving its most sophisticated missiles, the S- 400. It is also giving India its most advanced nuclear submarines, the Akula-2. Russia has helped India to develop its technology, including nuclear technology.
Besides, S-400 missiles and Akula-2 nuclear submarines, Russia is giving many other advanced weapons and technology to India. Some of these are; Sukhoi SU-30 MKI super fighter jets, Mig 35 to replace 200 Mig21 and Mig27 planes and Kamov-28 helicopters. Russia is also giving four multiple purpose frigates equipped with BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles. Russia and India will jointly develop the 5th generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) and Kamov Ka-226 light helicopters. Russia is also developing radio electronic weapons and may share their technology with India. Even today, in the field of advanced weaponry, Russia continues to hold the lead. Same is true of the nuclear war heads. Russia has the largest stockpile of those in the world. Russia will continue to help with the completion of the unit three and the unit four at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. –Pravda

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    Kings of The East?

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