As the world drifts toward an uncertain abyss: fears escalate that a global conflict involving Russia is about to begin

When the mainstream media starts talking about the possibility of an imminent nuclear war with Russia, it’s time for all of us to be concerned. In one crucible moment, all our follies about this life could be swept away like chaff in the wind. 
October 2016 WASHINGTON/MOSCOWExperts warn that if Russia would unleash just five of its SS-18 missile, also known as the Satan, it could destroy the east coast of the US and kill more than 4 million people. Russia is believed to have 55 Satans, its most powerful missile, part of the largest nuclear stockpile in the world which could make the nuclear bombs dropped during World War II on Japan pale in comparison. Just one SS-18 missile, in an apocalyptic nuclear strike, could wipe out 75 percent of New York for thousands of years, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, warns. He explains that the SS-18 missiles could carry nuclear warheads with payloads of up to 20,000 kilotons, Dailystar reports.
It is a thousand times more than powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Roberts says at maximum payload, a direct hit on New York is capable of killing 4.5 million people, and injuring another 3.6 million. It would send radioactive fallout spreading over 600 miles. It could also be armed with 10 smaller nukes of 550 kilotons each that can spread across a wide area and almost impossible to intercept. Roberts, in an article for the Centre for Research on Gloablization, warned Russia could easily annihilate NATO and such an attack could lead to the total collapse of the western alliance. Based on FEMA predictions from the Cold War, the targets of a Russian nuclear attack would include cities with huge populations such as New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Jacksonville and Washington DC.

A global war is imminent and could begin in two weeks, a Russian official predicted, as Russia starts air attacks on Aleppo. On Sunday, the three-day humanitarian ceasefire in Aleppo ended, but residents did not leave the war-torn city’s eastern area. CNN reports that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it was not aware of any resident who left Aleppo using any of the eight approved evacuation routes. Residents opted not to leave because they fear being ambush on the routes or suspect the Syrian and Russian governments encourage evacuations to clear rebels from the area. Fight resumed on Sunday as mortars peppered Khan Touman, a southern village of Aleppo, USA Today reports. The missiles were Grad rockets freshly supplied by backers of the Syrian government. During the three-day ceasefire, relief agencies failed to bring aid to the eastern districts of Aleppo held by rebels because of lack of security guarantees from both warring parties, causing the cancellation of planned medical evacuations, VOA reports.  –International Business Times


From, Top British General, the Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, Sir Richard Shirreff, stated, “’A Russian attack on the Baltic states puts America at war with Russia—meaning nuclear war, because Russia integrates nuclear weapons into every aspect of its military doctrine…’ And don’t think Russia would limit itself to the use of [only]  tactical nuclear weapons…nuclear release by the Russians would almost certainly precipitate…the end of life as we know it….’”
From,  Reuters: “A senior diplomat said: ‘They [Putin] are deploying all of the Northern fleet and much of the Baltic fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War.’ This is not a friendly port call. In two weeks, we will see a crescendo of air attacks on Aleppo as part of Russia’s strategy to declare victory there.


Wall Street Journal – MOSCOW—Russian authorities have stepped up nuclear-war survival measures amid a showdown with Washington, dusting off Soviet-era civil-defense plans and upgrading bomb shelters in the biggest cities. At the Kremlin’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Cold War is back. The country recently held its biggest civil defense drills since the collapse of the U.S.S.R., with what officials said were 40 million people rehearsing a response to chemical and nuclear threats. Videos of emergency workers deployed in hazmat suits or checking the ventilation in bomb shelters were prominently aired on television when the four days of drills were held across the country. Students tried on gas masks and placed dummies on stretchers in school auditoriums.
The capital’s civil-defense plans are also being upgraded, said Andrey Mishchenko, deputy head of the ministry. “An inventory was taken in Moscow of the city’s underground spaces, in order to allow us to plan for sheltering 100% of the city’s population,” he said, as reported by state news agency RIA Novosti. In parallel, commentators on state-dominated airwaves issued some of the shrillest anti-American rhetoric in years. “Russia is sick of America’s arrogant lies,” influential commentator Dmitry Kiselyov said this month after a Syrian peace plan collapsed.
After a mistaken strike by U.S.-led coalition warplanes on Syrian troops in September, Russia’s Defense Ministry warned that its air defense systems could shoot down any American plane that threatened its own forces. And when a Russian tabloid wrote that government officials had been asked to take their children back from the prestigious preparatory schools and universities they attend in Britain, France and the U.S., speculation swirled about preparation for all-out war with the U.S.
The rhetoric reinforces Russians’ idea that their country is a superpower on par with the U.S. It also offers a distraction from an economic recession and from President Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings, which have dipped from recent highs. The threat of nuclear war also keeps the population pliant and uncritical, said Lev Gudkov, head of the Russian polling group Levada-Center. “Most people believe that the Third World War has begun, but right now we are still in the cold phase of the war, which may or may not turn into a hot war,” he said. “And during war, you have to support your country’s authorities.” –Wall Street Journal


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4 Responses to As the world drifts toward an uncertain abyss: fears escalate that a global conflict involving Russia is about to begin

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Copied from the post above: The rhetoric reinforces Russians’ idea that their country is a superpower on par with the U.S.
    So, true.
    May soon prove it.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      I would advise all of you to get familiar with this book: Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny


      You can even find the PDF format on the web and download it for free. In the book, Kearny makes a sobering point by essentially saying when ‘Russia has secured the safety of their people, they will be ready to launch a nuclear strike.’ Which is about where we’re at with all the Civil Defense drills going on in Russia. Kearny’s point was Russia believes its most valuable asset is its people, so it built a network of bomb shelters. Conversely, the U.S. cares more about oil, money, and its military interest than its own people – so it did not build any shelters.

      The next time someone tells you “America is already Great,” we need to sit them down and school them for 5 elongated minutes about the facts of life.

  2. says:

    Unbelievable that the human race can be so uneducated.
    You may as well put a gun to your head and consider it is over,because the use of such a device is unfathomable beyond belief.Not even a fourth grader could be as stupid.
    Just to make such a devise is in sane, then again you are dealing with a lot of idiots.

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