Hillary Clinton: Our long national nightmare is just beginning

October 2016WASHINGTON In less than three weeks, get used to hearing about president-elect Hillary, she and her husband Bill are heading back to the White House in January for a third co-presidential term – by fair or foul means. What’s coming should terrify everyone. She’ll largely be calling the shots this time, surrounded with like-minded neocons, war lords, recycled Wall Street crooks, and other assorted miscreants. The most perilous time in world history is about to worsen with her as US president. Expect America’s war on humanity to escalate dramatically, perhaps striking US soil for the first time since war with Britain in 1812.
It involved land and naval battles, lasting over two-and-a-half years. British forces occupied Washington, setting public buildings ablaze, including the White House (then called the Presidential Mansion) and Capitol Hill. It was skirmish-like compared to what’s coming if Hillary confronts Russia and China belligerently, risking possible nuclear war, turning cities like Washington to smoldering rubble if launched. Major flash-points in Syria, Ukraine and the South China Sea could ignite US/Sino-Russia conflict, a potential doomsday scenario. Uninformed, indifferent and distracted Americans don’t realize the clear and present danger.
Moscow justifiably fears tens of thousands of US-led NATO combat troops in Eastern Europe. Mobilized provocatively near its border could be prelude for explosive war like nothing matching it earlier. Conflicts in Syria and Ukraine could ignite it. So could increasing US provocations in the South China Sea, Pentagon warships challenging Beijing’s right to its own waters and territory. On Friday, US navy guided missile destroyer USS Decatur sailed perilously close to China’s Nansha Islands – without entering their 12 nautical mile territorial limits. Beijing called the incident “illegal” and “provocative.” Two Chinese warships warned America’s vessel to leave. China’s military announced increased air and sea patrols as needed – to protect its waters and territory from potential hostile acts.

Beijing’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said America “severely violated China’s sovereignty and security interests” – calling the latest action “an extremely irresponsible provocative act.” “The US intentionally created and exaggerated tensions. Beijing will continue to closely watch the maritime and air situation and will take all measures that are necessary to defend China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime interests.” The action was Washington’s latest provocation, following numerous earlier ones, four in 2016 alone, last occurring in May.
Will things escalate dangerously with Hillary as US president? Will China be more threatened than already? Will America again wage war in Asia, last time losing to Vietnam, China a much more formidable challenge? Will Hillary attack Russia – perhaps using a 9/11 type false flag as pretext for naked aggression? Washington’s rage for global dominance threatens everyone, everywhere, especially with an emotionally unstable war goddess in charge. Will Americans only awaken to the threat when it’s too late to matter? Will Hillary’s ascension to power doom us all?  –The People’s Voice

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11 Responses to Hillary Clinton: Our long national nightmare is just beginning

  1. Reblogged this on The Remnant Alliance and commented:
    As the citizens of the US sleep.


    You write this article as if Hilary has already won the presidency. If she did win most of all that you said would be true. However Donald Trump is going to win hands down. Watch and see.

  3. Dennis E. says:

    Hillary Clinton: Our long national nightmare is just beginning.
    I would like to change that—Our long nightmare continues.

  4. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    The strange thing is that no matter which candidate wins we go to war but under different scenarios…Yes, if Hillary wins either by actual vote or fraud she directs NATO to produce a no fly zone over Syria and dares Russia to fire first while sending in Turkey to fight the Kurds in Syria so that again Russia looks like the bad guy. Once Russia fires at any NATO planes or Turkey [ technically NATO ] then all hell breaks loose. This war would then expand explosively to the western Pacific as well as with Iran… However, Russia might actually lie down just long enough to let the world say PEACE! AT LAST! and then BAM! All the MANY countries that rightly hate the USA will simultaneously blast the USA.This will be in whatever time GOD chooses for it will actually be from Him.
    If Trump wins I expect riots in the streets like Soros tried at the Trump rallies by paying poor people to cause chaos and violence. He will make it violent enough that the Federal police military will have to be called out and all the countries that hate us will see that it is the best time to try and squelch this evil land. Martial law will be needed giving Obama the opportunity to leave Trump outside the door..waiting.

    I believe in Revelations it states that the other nations hated the whore of Babylon but were subject to her…. anyway this is my opinion of how it could play out based on many resources including Bible, various Christian profits, intelligent journalists[ obviously not from USA ] dreams[ personal and from others ] and quotes from the people involved.

    Alvin…If soon we do not get to connect via internet because of war’s destruction I pray that I will get to meet you in the eternal realm in the peaceful Kingdom of God ruled by Jesus the Messiah. Be blessed!

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      Absolutely Brother, I will see you on the other side of “come what may” and looking forward to it.

    • Dennis E. says:

      Joseph Sonny Skies: Dennis E. Here: If Trump wins I expect riots in the streets like Soros tried at the Trump rallies by paying poor people to cause chaos and violence. Correct regarding trouble in the streets because I’ve already been told to expect that
      by an minority person I work with and I ask why? Has to do with snap or welfare and handouts. Going to have to tighten the purse, if not the debt will drown us.

      But why the riots? I just don’t know.

      • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

        Hi Dennis E. ! As for riots in the streets there are two viable scenarios part of which I have gathered from other Christian’s visions….One scenario is that even if Trump wins big there will be like you stated riots of protest in the streets. Some will be simple disenchantment but the worst will be paid actors being compensated for performing evil. When pondering this an interesting thought occurred…The USA has been funding rebels in other countries with money, and weapons to cause rebellion and chaos to change government leaders. What if someone decided that what is good for the goose is good for the gander? What if an elite globalist like George Soros OR another country like Russia decided to do to the USA what the USA has done to other sovereign nations? We would become Syria II. This could also be triggered by Obama as the perfect excuse to ” SAVE” the country through martial law.
        The other scenario would be that a few of the most powerful countries would band together and eliminate the petro dollar in the transactions of oil. If other countries have no need to buy up the U,S, dollar to buy oil then the dollar falls flat as monopoly money. It is speculated by some that then the U.S. government would not be able to pay off the people that it ripped off in 2008 with promises of welfare entitlements.RIOTS!

  5. niebo says:

    Powerful words and sentiment, Joseph . . . and, Dennis, preach it! The nightmare, indeed, continues, but I, too, look beyond NOW, and who among us who is awake and aware has a choice? Every road, every direction from here, this crossroads leads us where we would not go; all directions are bad – unless, by HIS Grace we receive a not-included-in-the-scriptures-as-recorded reprieve from the wickedness. I harbor no illusion that God is “bound” by the box that is the Bible as we know it, but that does not mean that it is not true, just that there is more to the truth than one book could contain were it to be recorded (as the Gospel of John suggests), and we live shackled to this flesh, separated from what is “real”, for all of this is but a shadow of the truth of reality. I hope to see all of you “on the other side” as well, where we will know the truth and shall see one another face to face, where we will know, even as we are fully known. Come, LORD JESUS!!!

    BUT, until then . . . we war against the powers of this present darkness, brothers, as you know. So, to that end . . . “Moscow justifiably fears tens of thousands of US-led NATO combat troops in Eastern Europe. Mobilized provocatively near its border could be prelude for explosive war like nothing matching it earlier.”

    I doubt that Moscow fears an invasion by Nato at this point, because, if Moscow may choose the time of its invasion, it would be now or afterward, into the winter; no one has EVER defeated Russia but Russia, due in no small part to its winters. Should it go nuclear, this experiment is ended; everybody dies, in the end, and the earth is rendered uninhabitable. But such an outcome, the destruction of the earth, is not man’s domain but God’s; if it happens, it happens because God allows it, not because man defeats HIS will.

    Hillary CANNOT win the election, but that does not mean that she will not be president. Trump speaks to thousands and thousands per day while Hillary whatevers, and she does not have the support nor the popularity to win a fair election, but what I have “seen” in my dreams and my “visions”, for almost twelve years now, is chaos on a level for which we have no point of reference. The devil comes to steal, to kill, to destroy, and were those days not cut short, no flesh would survive; this “machine” eats its own children and grinds its opponents into blood and dust. It has one goal, the only goal it has ever had: BABEL. To be GODS. I see the gloves come off – as we are seeing now, in its opening stages with the BLATANT rigging, propaganda, deception – and if what I see comes to pass, we will see what human “gods” are capable of.

    Never bow nor submit, never OBEY their system, and, come what may, God Himself will wipe away our tears.

    • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

      Well stated niebo! Thanks! I was reading some internet articles/ videos on HRC and all I could think of was the title in the Bible of WHORE OF BABYLON !

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