Putin warns danger looms over the whole world due to Russia & U.S. tension – EU rejects sanctions idea against Russia

October 2016MOSCOW Vladimir Putin has warned “we are in grave danger” as he accused the United States of lying over its nuclear capabilities and revealed Russia continues to develop new generation warfare. The Russian president issued the chilling warning to a group of journalists as he attempted to explain the reasons behind his country’s actions in recent months.  Maintaining a steely exterior, Mr. Putin discussed the potential start of a second Cold War and warned the world is in “grave danger.”
He said: “Major global conflicts have been avoided in the past few decades, due to the geo-strategic balance of power, which used to exist. The two super-nuclear powers essentially agreed to stop producing both offensive weaponry, as well as defensive weaponry. “It’s not in my nature to scold someone – but when the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty 1972 they delivered a colossal blow to the entire system of international security. “That was the first blow when it comes to assessing the strategic balance of power in the world.
“At that time in 2002 I said we will not be developing such systems also, because A) it is very expensive, and B) we aren’t sure yet how they will work for the Americans.” Mr. Putin revealed how Russia has gone on to develop new weapons in response to continuing American developments. He accused the US of rejecting Russian deals to cease weapon production and insists Russia can pinpoint when the US will build a new missile that will directly threaten his country.  Mr. Putin said: “We told them about the reactionary measures we were going to take. And this is what we did. And I assure you – that today, we have had every success in that area. “I’m not going to list everything, all that matters is we have modernized our military-industrial complex and we continue to develop new generation warfare.


“I’m not even going to mention systems against the missile-defense system. “No matter what we said to our American partners to curb the production of weaponry they refused to cooperate with us, they rejected out offers, and continue to do their own thing. “Some things I cannot tell you right now publicly that would be rude of me and whether or not you believe me, we offered real solutions to stop this. They rejected everything we had to offer.”  The U.S. moved nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romanic earlier this year in response to threats from Iran. But Mr. Putin rubbished the American explanation, suggesting the White House lied to Russia over the reasons behind the positioning of their missiles.
He said: “So here we are today and they’ve placed their missile defense system in Romania always saying ‘we must protect ourselves from the Iranian nuclear threat.’ “Where’s the threat? There is no Iranian nuclear threat. You even have an agreement with them and the U.S. was the instigator of this agreement, where we helped. We supported it. But if not for the U.S. then this agreement would not exist which I consider President Obama’s achievement. “I agree with the agreement, because it eased tensions in the area. So President Obama can put this in his list of achievements. So the Iranian threat does not exist.
But the missile defense systems are continuing to be positioned. That means we were right when we said that they are lying to us. Their reasons were not genuine, in reference to the ‘Iranian nuclear threat’. Once again, they lied to us. “So they built this system and now they are being loaded with missiles.” The Russian president added the US missiles in Romania are being loaded with ‘anti-missiles’ that can penetrate distances of up to 500 km. He added: “But we know that technologies advance. We even know in which year the Americans will accomplish a new missile, which will be able to penetrate distances of up to 1000 km, and then even further.  –Express

Putin reacts to threat of more sanctions: Vladimir Putin says Western powers can ‘screw themselves’ over the threat of more sanctions against Russia. Putin had been attending a summit in Goa, India, of BRICS nations, where they discussed emerging economies. However, during an interview with journalists he said that the West could ‘get lost’ and that sanctions would not solve anything but suppress Russia’s power.  –Daily Mail
Turkey warns Syrian conlfict could ignite World War 3: Tensions between Washington and Moscow have plunged to Cold War levels in recent weeks after US ended talks on how to approach the war in Syria. Since the breakdown between the global superpowers, the Kremlin has vowed to shoot down any American fighter planes that attack President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria.
And now Turkey’s deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus has warned: “If this proxy war continues, after this, let me be clear, America and Russia will come to a point of war.” He claimed the barbaric conflict has “put the world on the brink of the beginning of a large regional or global war.” The stark warning is the latest of threat of another world war after Vladimir Putin said Americans are in “impending and grave danger.” The Russian president issued the chilling warning to a group of journalists as he attempted to explain the reasons behind his country’s actions in recent months. –Express

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2 Responses to Putin warns danger looms over the whole world due to Russia & U.S. tension – EU rejects sanctions idea against Russia

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Let’s say this. Let say Russia has a point that they believed that The U.S. lied to them regarding missile deployments ans such.

    Ok, we have heard that our government has been infiltrated with The Muslim Brotherhood and lets say our president is a closet Muslim as many believe, then our governments action is in line with what the Qu’an teaches in deception of a enemy until they (Muslims) are able to become more powerful or strike at a point when least expected.

    Now he feels what Israel has felt in dealing with The Muslim’s in all the deal struck over The Land.

    Worst is that if BO is under the impression that he could be a significant player in bringing forth The Muslim Messiah , who is to come forth to settle world wide wars and chaos, then this makes sense what is occurring.
    Just an observation…

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      Nothing with America makes much sense. That why Europeans see America as a “youthful experiment with freedom that has gone haywire.”

      The government was fanatical about finding communist during the Era of McCarthyism but allowed the Russians, Chinese and Israelis to steal nuclear secrets right out from under their noses. America took land from Indians and stuck them on tiny reservations and then give full government assistance and housing to resettled Syrian nationals in the U.S. We’re destroying life on this planet and then rushing to create human settlements on Mars.

      Even so come Lord Jesus – the human stupidity on this planet is honestly becoming painfully too much to bear.

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