October 17, 2016: Six warning signs the planet is headed for grave turmoil and deeper peril

The following “signs” are a series of analyzed trigger-events or catalysts that could precipitate a sequence of catastrophic scenarios which could pose significant risks or threats for the inhabitants of planet Earth. While some of these events may not occur as prescribed – certain inevitability factors associated with these events may still remain.
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2 Responses to October 17, 2016: Six warning signs the planet is headed for grave turmoil and deeper peril

  1. Tina Tenis says:

    Although I’m not Clinton’s biggest fan, I see it as much more likely Trump would the one to cause WW3 with his stance on letting rogue nations like Iran have nukes and his comments about becoming bffs with Putin. He goes crazy on people who disagree with him and all it’s going to take is a country to make him mad and he’ll be screaming “Nuke them!”

    • Whyte says:

      “No better business model than war”
      Personally I think all leaders are playing the common man and fear is the weapon

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