The American General who wanted to take on the Russians and the bizarre forces that stopped him


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One Response to The American General who wanted to take on the Russians and the bizarre forces that stopped him

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I did not watch the entire video because I’ve seen it before. It has been written in The History Books that he died directly from the injuries suffered from the accident.

    Just like Oswald acted alone or was the shooter in The JFK assassination.

    Just prior to the war, Eisenhower was a Lt. Colonel. Is it not amazing how fast he climbed from there to the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe to The Presidency? The rank obtained by officers during the war were their war time rank, temporary.

    But no doubt, Patton was threat to them. He out shined them all and his mouth costed him several command opportunities. But in the end, he was where he need to be. He was a warrior. He was a competitor.
    But after the war, he would fade, have no purpose and die having no purpose in the effort.
    Patton did read his Bible. Perhaps he knew that someday we would fight The Russians. He was an historian. He loved war he said and it appears he lived for it. Some of his battle plans mirrored those used by The Romans and other successful military leaders of the past based on his studies and yes using tanks,half tracks, jeeps, trucks instead of chariots, camels, elephants and such.

    Yes, he sought glory at the expense of his soldiers and commanders. Thus the Label “blood and guts.

    Did God allow it, no doubt. Four years later, Israel was reestablished. A conflict with The Russians might have delayed that. The Germans should have won World War II. They did not. God intervened, not in person but through people.. Israel had to be placed back into the land.

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