Russian state newspapers predict ‘direct military conflict’ with U.S. involving a nuclear standoff

October 2016 MOSCOW, RussiaWorld War 3 fears have been voiced by Russian newspapers over the growing tensions between the USA and Syria. Tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets predicts a “direct military confrontation” on par with the Cuban Missile Crisis. The United States suspended contact with Russia over Syria on Monday. Secretary of State John Kerry has been enraged by airstrikes on rebel-controlled areas of Aleppo. Hundreds of innocents are believed to have been killed in the attacks. BBC Russia correspondent Steve Rosenberg referred to two Russian newspapers taking an aggressive tone towards the US.
Moskovsky Komsomolets adds that even its country’s own fighters would not be confident in a war with the US. “According to our fighter pilots, the best we could do is shoot down a few coalition forces but this would mean a full-scale war,” it added. Veteran broadcaster Vladimir Pozner told the BBC: “There’s a real feeling now that America is out to prove it is the only superpower. The continued expansion of NATO is seen by the Russian leadership, perhaps incorrectly, is seen as being a real threat. There is a danger of real confrontation, perhaps leading to some kind of military engagement and war.”

It has previously been reported that Putin is preparing for war with the West. Russia is already staging a massive evacuation drill to prepare for nuclear war. More than 200,000 emergency services personnel and soldiers will use 50,000 pieces of equipment during the civil defense exercise.  –The Sun

March to War

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2 Responses to Russian state newspapers predict ‘direct military conflict’ with U.S. involving a nuclear standoff

  1. Note that the USSR, and then Russia, has always been more cautious about its military moves than the Western “Allies”, whose gambits have often been bold and reckless (liquid-fuelled missiles in Turkey, U-2 flyovers, Bay of Pigs invasion etc.)

    One possible explanation of this reluctance to risk full-scale war is that Russia has suffered invasion, bombing, the killing of millions of its citizens and the ravaging of its land. The USA never did, and the UK only suffered moderate damage.

    A younger generation of ambitious, arrogant Pentagon planners seems ready to take risks that their elders, who had both fought in WW II and had personally witnessed atmospheric detonations of nuclear devices, did not dare.

    Who would have imagined, after the collapse of the USSR, another nuclear “balance of terror”? It is clearly indexed to the slide downhill of the American Empire and its Euro-minions.

  2. Elizabeth Slaughter says:

    When u c all these things begin 2 happen lift up your heads as your redemption is close @ hand

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