Halloween Horror: Wikileaks cancels highly anticipated Tuesday announcement due to ‘security concerns’

October 1, 2016WASHINGTON, DCWikileaks has abruptly canceled a much-anticipated announcement on Tuesday, according to NBC News. The announcement had been expected to be founder Julian Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton. NBC’s Jesse Rodriguez reported that the Tuesday announcement — which was to come from the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has sought sanctuary for years – was canceled due to “security concerns.”
Wikileaks has not said when it will now make its “announcement.” Assange appeared on Fox News last month, repeating his assertion that Wikileaks has damaging documents on Clinton and suggested WikiLeaks may soon release “teasers.” More than three weeks later, that release has yet to take place. Clinton’s more fervent opponents have hoped for weeks that the promised document dump would be an “October surprise” – damaging and revelatory emails or the like — and inflict a mortal wound on her campaign. There’s no evidence however that such damaging information even exists.



It was only this summer that Assange’s group leaked thousands of embarrassing emails from the Democratic National Committee which showed their disdain for Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. The uproar over the disclosures forced DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign in disgrace on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. The political provocateur and bomb-thrower Roger Stone, a fervent Donald Trump supporter, predicted Sunday morning that Wikileaks’ revelations would doom Clinton’s campaign.

It’s unclear if Stone was aware that Wikileaks, according to NBC News, has canceled their Tuesday announcement. Assange and his supporters have long claimed that his personal safety is at risk due to the danger he (supposedly) represents to Clinton’s presidential ambitions. In August, liberal commentator Bob Beckel suggested in a TV appearance that Assange be murdered, proclaiming that someone should “shoot the son of a bitch!”


Assange himself has also recently hinted publicly that low-level DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered this summer in Washington DC, had been the source for Wikileaks’ document dump on the DNC. And that Rich’s alleged role in the leaks was linked to his death. There has been no evidence linking Rich to the leak and no evidence that his murder was anything more than a botched robbery. Nonetheless, the cancellation of Tuesday’s Wikileaks announcement already has anti-Clinton conspiracy theorists working up a frantic stew of speculation.  –Heatst
wicked-witch-s2Assange, in an interview published Saturday in the German publication Der Spiegel, said the group would not start censoring its publications because of the ongoing election, and the reason there is more to release on Clinton is because she has been in political power for much longer than Trump.“The U.S. presidency will continue to represent the major power groups of the United States – big business and the military – regardless of who the talking head is,” Assange said, pointing out that if someone submits internal documents from Trump’s campaign or the Republican Party, WikiLeaks would publish those as well. He told the publication that WikiLeaks has published more than 10 million documents in 10 years, most of which came over the past six years while he has been “illegally detained, without charge, in the United Kingdom.” Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past four years after receiving political asylum from the government of Ecuador. –Newsmax

Hillary Clinton, who has become an avatar for the political establishment during this presidential campaign, acknowledged voters’ hunger for change but warned that Donald Trump could not be trusted to make the improvements they wanted. I know people want change,” she said in Akron, Ohio, on Monday. “We’ll have change. It’s just what kind of change.” She added, “It’s whether or not we have change that helps the vast majority of Americans … or continues to only help those at the top.”

Trump has excited voters with his searing, sweeping indictment of the country’s political leaders, arguing that he represents a break from a corrupt system.  Convincing voters otherwise has been a challenge for Clinton, who has been a public figure for decades, dating to when she was Arkansas’ first lady and her husband was running for president. Polls show her trailing in Ohio, which has historically been a crucial swing state. To combat Trump’s pitch, Clinton portrayed him as the beneficiary of the same corrupt system he has decried. She repeatedly pointed to his avoidance of federal income taxes and his refusal to pay contractors who worked for his businesses.  –LA Times




October Surprise: We warned you the U.S. election was about to get nasty and it has. It’s only two days into October but it has entered “trench warfare” phase and almost anything can happen in the month of October – the famed Halloween harvest that is known metaphorically to occultists as the ‘Season of the Witch.’ If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of people meddling in this election – the president, the U.S. Attorney General, the Pope, Homeland Security, Hackers, political strategists, political pundits, celebrities, foreign heads of state, biased newspapers, ect. The only thing that really matters is what the American voters think on Election Day. So inform yourself to arm yourself and vote to make a difference.


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2 Responses to Halloween Horror: Wikileaks cancels highly anticipated Tuesday announcement due to ‘security concerns’

  1. niebo says:

    It is not often that I pop a cork like this, but, you know, sometimes, dudes, a dude’s gotta do what a dude’s gotta do:

    I don’t see how anyone with a functioning, non-hyper-fluorinated brain can NOT see that hacks like Beckel – who are “better” in their own minds than ANYONE who might disagree with them – are THE PROBLEM in this political house of cards that “we” have built by electing the same “promising” people on the basis of the promises that THEY NEVER KEEP once they are, in fact, ELECTED. Beckel can take a long walk over a short bridge, and the world will be a better place without him; his attitude is hateful and offensive, and I am sure that he would preach that Snowden and and any other whistle-blower who exposes the lies, the crimes, or the illegality of these (multiple) administrations that currently run the West, receive the same treatment: TO BE EXECUTED without representation, trial, or “legal” judgment. Meanwhile, he lauds criminals and traitors and laughs all the way to the bank. God have mercy on your soul, sir, because when the people whom you betray daily discover your “froward”, truth-twisting tongue and the crimes which you have, with your rhetoric, minimized, misrepresented, and ridiculed as preposterous . . . you will receive NONE. REAP IT.

    You betray free men, sir, and free men will be free without your consent. You can count on that,.

  2. Gilda says:

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