Mental illness soaring among young women in the UK

September 2016UNITED KINGDOM The number of young women who self-harm and experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic mental illness has skyrocketed in the last decade, according to a new NHS survey. The proportion of young women in England with PTSD has risen rapidly in recent years. One in eight women (12.6%) aged 16 to 24 now has the disorder – a threefold increase since 2007, the last time a similar survey was conducted, when 4.2% said they had it. Rates of self-harm among this group have also soared. Almost a fifth (19.7%) of young women self-harmed in 2014 – up from 11.7% in 2007 and three times the number who did in 2000 (6.5%), the survey showed.
However, the true extent of self-harming is likely to be even higher at around a quarter of young women and girls, the researchers said. Around 25% of respondents said they self-harmed in a written survey, while just a fifth said they did so in face-to-face interviews. Most of those who reported self-harm hadn’t sought help and the researchers warned that people who start at a young age might end up using it as “a long-term strategy for coping.” The report added: “There is a risk that the behavior will spread to others, and also that greater engagement with the behavior may lead in time to a higher suicide rate.” The research, Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey: Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, England, 2014, also found that rates of common mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, are higher among young women than any other demographic.
Of those surveyed, 28.2% of young women said they had a mental health condition, compared with just 10% of young men.  The apparent increase in PTSD could be attributed to violence and abuse, including rape, near-death-experiences, and a loved one being killed or killing themselves, experts said. “We know that there are things like violence and abuse that are strongly associated with mental illness,” said Sally McManus, who led the research, as reported The Guardian.  However, she added that technology, particularly mobile phones, may also play a role. “This is also the age of social media ubiquity. This is the context that they [young women] are coming into and it warrants further research.”


Professor Sir Simon Wessely, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said the rate of mental illness among young women, as well as middle-aged adults and ethnic minorities, is concerning. “We need to step back and consider what social and cultural factors might be behind these trends, but with just one in three people with a mental illness receiving treatment, the need for mental health services is far outstripped by the demand,” he said. Wessely called for greater investment in research and mental health services.  –Refinery 29 

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2 Responses to Mental illness soaring among young women in the UK

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I watched the video. In this day we live, observe how many people are walking down the street with a cell phone in their hands or sitting awaiting to see the doctor or car repair.We’ve lost the ability it seems to communicate with one another and are indifferent to others at times. Don’t want to get involved. There are people sitting around you just wishing to speak to someone.

    If some one approaches you in that type of setting, DON’T DISS THEM. YOU COULD BE THE PERSON THAT STANDS BETWEEN ETERNITY AND LIFE. Something you say could change their mind about taking theirs or someone else’s

    It is a line of BULL…… when you say But I am not a mental health professional….It has been my experience that although they may have groups or individual sessions, they also provide heavy drugs that only mask, subdue the problem. The average person can make a difference.

    A persons mind is a dangerous place if they don’t control their thoughts. Look how some active shooters act after they have done their deed. How did I get here? It started in the mind and at the time it seemed a good idea, to them, but when the deed was done and reality set in, well a different world.

    In this world we are bombarded with 24 hour cable news and such. At work too much tech. At home, too much tech and when it breaks, well….

    Just my personal opinion on this….

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:


      They’re walking around like zombies staring into their cell phones like they’re reading instructions on how to walk. Only when the world’s technology is wiped out by a major disaster and everybody’s wealth has been consumed in a financial collapse, will you finally be able to sit down with a stranger and have a real conversation. And that my friend, is a sad indictment of our present technical plastic society where people still need a computer to meet other people.

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