New York facing growing population of homeless people

September 2016 NEW YORKMost records are meant to be broken. But when the Department of Homeless Services announced earlier this week that 59,698 people, in a single night, slept in a shelter, it wasn’t the kind of record worth celebrating. The DHS Commissioner is Steven Banks.  He says, “The most pressing problem is to keep a roof over people’s heads and get people out of the shelter system and into housing.” Banks spent more than three decades addressing income inequality and advocating for residents with the Legal Aid Society. But his role as commissioner has made him a lightning rod for some, like in Maspeth, Queens where DHS is proposing a hotel be turned into an adult shelter.
“It’s a problem that didn’t happen overnight and is not going to be solved overnight.  We have to keep forcing on making sure people have a roof over their heads every night.  It’s a legal requirement in New York City but it’s also a moral obligation to make sure our fellow New Yorkers don’t end up on the streets,” Banks says. According to Banks, between 1994 and the present, homelessness has increased 115 percent in New York City. He says there are a number of contributing factors. Among those is the loss of 400,000 affordable housing units.
The de Blasio administration rolled out a plan five months ago focusing on investments on the front end, like $62 million set aside for legal services to prevent folks from being evicted. It also includes rental assistance to help bridge the gap between what people can afford and what rent are going for. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Banks says.  –Fox News 5 NY

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3 Responses to New York facing growing population of homeless people

  1. Dennis E. says:

    The Dogs face says it all.

  2. It is ridiculous that this city has dealt this card to people in need. I recently applied for a one shot deal for rent arrears of 4,900.00 and HRA put some of the worse barriers in my way to resolve the problem. I am currently working and have SS benefits from retirement. My last attempt was a fair hearing at 14 Borum Pl. where I met with 2 old witches who made my life miserable with condescending attitude, and questions that had absolutely nothing to do with the case. I knew then that I would be denied again after 3 attempts for a one shot deal. I have worked all my life and paid taxes. I felt that I deserved a chance while there are people using the system and getting one shot deal every year. but they closed the door on me. I was also given a list of shelters to go to and become another homeless person in New York City. I informed them at this ugly fair hearing that I would start a new job the following Monday and they informed me that this was not enough to be approved and finally denied me. This only tells me that HRA engages in putting barriers to make people homeless not to prevent it

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