The Doom Chronicles: Why global nuclear war looks inevitable

September 2016 CONFLICT Several developments have the potential to move the hands of the nuclear doom clock closer to midnight. A new U.S. nuclear policy has a chance of destabilizing the balance of terror by creating a larger arsenal of smaller weapons. Why?
Smaller weapons are more tempting to use. The argument for so-called “tactical” nukes is that they would destroy a smaller area and create less fallout, making them more “safe” to use than traditional many-megaton bombs. And that could lead to temptation to use them. Just as importantly, that could give other nuclear-armed powers the impression that the U.S. would be more likely to use the weapons – a dangerous spiral that could culminate with…the end of the world, literally. The United States is hardly the only nation adding stress to a system that is always a hands-breadth from tragedy.
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has rattled the nuclear sabre, even threatening to station missiles in annexed Crimea. Pakistan, another nuclear-armed country, is a divided nation with government agencies linked to Islamic extremism and a beef with India. India has a beef with Pakistan and territorial disputes with China.
North Korea is a wildcard with an accelerating nuclear program that may still be getting help from Pakistan – which denies it. Recent tests by North Korea and China’s lack of overt response has set U.S. teeth on edge. In the end, the basic question is whether humanity can have such dangerous toys and not use them. Incredible as it may seem, at the height of the Cold War the world might actually have been safer, experts say. Neither the United States nor the Soviet Union had a death wish, and those were clearly the stakes. And, of course, nihilistic militants have no such qualms.  –Reuters

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One Response to The Doom Chronicles: Why global nuclear war looks inevitable

  1. Dennis E. says:

    In the past, bigger was better and still is in some matters. We have blogged previously regarding the use of small Tactical Nuclear Weapons against targets like bridges, troop/equipment/fleet concentrations/submarines and economic targets.

    Some Tactical Nuclear Weapons are also classified as Battlefield Nukes.

    Everyone has seen the footage/pictures huge Nuclear and Hydrogen Bomb Tests in The Pacific.
    It was pondered when so many of those were exploded what would be the end event of that.
    Of course, the end of all life on earth and plus the damage to the earth itself.

    For the longest time, there was concern if the missiles were fired across the North Pole, would they go towards their intended targets? Did you know that even now, civilian aircraft are not allowed to cross the north pole? It is not because of the alleged magnetic affect, in my opinion.

    On CBS News years ago, a reporter said that The U.S. had no less than 60 Nuclear Missiles pointed at Moscow itself. Talking about over kill.

    Most people do not know that The Missiles buried throughout The Mid-West have multiple warheads, some of which are dummy warheads, nevertheless just the thought. Some missiles have as many as ten warheads mounted.

    In the 80’s or so, The Neutron Bomb was developed. This weapon was allegedly designed to produce a mass amount of radiation while lessening damage to structures and after a period of time, the location could be reoccupied by troops.

    There is no such thing as a good clean nuclear weapon. There are reported exotic weapons that are making nuclear weapons obsolete.

    Cannot underestimate the horror of nuclear weapons–a mans tongue could vaporize before he hits the ground.

    The first use of battlefield tactical nuclear weapons was expected by NATO against a Warsaw Pact invasion of then West Germany. Designed to destroy troop/aircraft formations.

    Like comparing a 7.5 watt light bulb to 75 watt.

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