Pakistan announces first-ever war games with Russia; Pakistan, China, Russia axis looms

September 2016PAKISTAN Pakistan, India’s arch rival and China’s most powerful ally in Asia, has announced its first ever joint military exercises with Russia later this year. The small scale military exercise named “Friendship 2016” will involve only 200 military personnel from both sides. Pakistan’s Ambassador to Moscow Qazi Khalilullah described the exercise as the first time the militaries of both countries will hold a joint military drill.
The name Friendship 2016 itself is ominous, suggesting a growing of the military relations between both countries that before were bitter Cold War foes on account of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. The announcement of the Pakistani-Russian war game quickly follows on the heels of report India and the United States will hold its “Yudh Abhyas 2016” joint military exercise from Sept. 14 to 27. This drill will be the twelfth staging of this joint exercise hosted alternately by India and the U.S. It will take place at the settlement of Chaubattia in the Almora District of Uttarakhand State in northern India, which shares a long border with China.
The move comes amidst increasing defense ties between Moscow and Islamabad as the latter was also thinking to buy advanced Russian warplanes. Khalilullah didn’t reveal any details about the nature of the exercises, where in Pakistan it will take place and where. He did, however, state this historic event was a reflection of the increased cooperation between the two countries. “This obviously indicates a desire on both sides to broaden defense and military-technical cooperation,” he said. Over the last 15 months, the chiefs of Pakistan’s Army, Navy and Air Force have travelled to Russia to bolster military-to-military ties. The high-level exchanges between the two nations resulted in a deal in Aug. 2015 for the sale of four MI-35 attack helicopters to Pakistan.


The formal agreement was considered a major policy shift on the part of Pakistan following the growing strategic partnership between the U.S. and India. Analysts said Pakistan wants to boost its ties with Russia to diversify its options in the event its relations with Washington sour any further.
Analysts said Pakistan wants to boost its ties with Russia to diversify its options in the event its relations with Washington sour any further. Just last week, Maj. Gen. Naveed Ahmed, Director General of Defense Procurement Pakistan, said the Pakistan Armed Forces has a keen interest in Russian air defense systems, tanks, arms and ammunition. Ahmed led the Pakistan delegation on the Army-2016 in Russia that ended last week. “Our army services are (showing) keen interest in different Russian products,” he said. “We are looking for the air platform; for any sorts of helicopters. For the army, we are looking for tanks. We are looking for anti-tank weapon system and more importantly we are looking for the air defense system.”  –Yibada

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3 Responses to Pakistan announces first-ever war games with Russia; Pakistan, China, Russia axis looms

  1. Dennis E. says:

    India and China, as individual nations, can, not could, but can field an Army of 200 million.
    India and China each have a population that exceeds One Billion.
    It is in this area of the world is just a volatile as The Middle East. All three nations mentioned in this posting possess Nuclear Weapons and the ability to deliver them.

    As the Warsaw Pact was formed after the formation of Nato, Now this pact is forming due to a perceived threat.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      Let’s start with the clue-less American president – Barack Obama who gave millions of dollars in aid to Russia, that Russia turned around and used to rebuild its military into one of the world’s most formidable military forces. So much for Obama’s naive plan to reset relations with Russia when he took office as U.S. president. Below, a look is worth a thousand words…

      In the diplomatic world, Barack Obama is now classified as a “Persona Non Grata

      This is his most recent picture of Obama meeting Putin some days ago. He looks like he is ready to kill Putin.


      This is Barack Obama meeting with the Philippine president, Duterte who called him the “Son of a whore” just days prior. Obama commands no respect because everyone knows of his ineptitude as a world leader, especially from following Hillary’s advice in bombing Libya and arming radical terrorist and ISIS cells in Syria.

      Here’s the bottomline: everyone wants to be on the side of the winner. You will see how fast the world will cast off its allegiance to the U.S. and will side with China and Russia before long. It’s self-preservation. They don’t want their countries annihilated.

      • Dennis E. says:

        Well, first of all, prayer is needed for we is in trouble.
        Then prepare accordingly. Looking the two pictures in the post, Obama is not used to having someone to stand in his face and not back down and it is evident he is out of his league. Used to getting his way.
        That pic of the Philippine president, Duterte says it all

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