Out of critical medicines, people in Venezuela turn to black magic to treat ailments

September 2016VENEZUELA Socialism is the real voodoo economics, and in Venezuela, the metaphorical has become an actuality. Out of medicines, Venezuelans turn to black magic. Jaime Otrupo chanted a solemn prayer then wrenched a chicken’s head from its body, allowing the blood to pump into a ceremonial clay pot as an offering to the gods. At his feet were the sacrificed corpses of a dove and a chick, both of which were beheaded with a kitchen-knife while his wife and young daughter looked on.
This disturbing ritual, which was filmed by MailOnline in Mr. Otrupo’s sitting-room in Caracas, Venezuela, may appear cruel to Western eyes. But to the father-of-five, the traditional healing ceremony was an act of desperation. For the collapse of the economy has seen hospitals run out of drugs as shamans, herbalists, witches and priests cash in on people’s fears.
Mr. Otrupo’s seven-year-old daughter, Yansaire, was suffering from leukemia and the city’s hospitals had run out of cancer drugs. The deliveryman was hoping that the gods could succeed where the Socialist state had failed. The 43-year-old is one of thousands of Venezuelans turning to black magic in a frantic attempt to treat their ailing loved ones amid growing shortages in the collapsing Left-wing country. Venezuela is plumbing the depths to which socialism–which may be the creed of a majority of Democrats–can sink.  –Powerline

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One Response to Out of critical medicines, people in Venezuela turn to black magic to treat ailments

  1. John Folger says:

    if he used the hillary voodoo doll as sold on ebay he might have better outcome

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