Europe quietly preparing for war with Russia – ‘what we are seeing is the collapse of world order as we have known it’

War of the Century
August 2016 – BRUSSELS Whether referring to Russian aggression in the east or to the threat of Islamist terrorism in the West, Europe’s political, media and religious elite are increasingly using the word war to describe the continent’s security challenges. The day after the July 14 attack in Nice, in which a man drove a large truck into a crowd, killing 84, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said France was at war “both abroad and on our soil.”
“For years, we have lived, fundamentally, with a kind of insouciance, as though war could not catch up with us, as though history was not tragic,” Valls said. “But war is here, and it is different from the ones that we knew in the 20th century.” Less than two weeks later, Pope Francis echoed Valls’s remarks when he said the “world is at war. The word we hear a lot is insecurity, but the real word is war,” the pope told reporters while commenting on the murder of a Catholic priest in Normandy by two ISIS terrorists and a string of violent incidents across Germany.
Some claim the myriad security challenges facing Europe indicate the Continent’s seven-decade-old experiment in guaranteeing peace through economic interdependence, collective defense and multiculturalism is faltering. “The current security architecture in Europe, which relied on both the Helsinki Final Act and the Paris Charter, has now collapsed, following Russia’s aggression in Ukraine,” Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said in September 2014 as Russian tanks were blitzing across eastern Ukraine.

NATO Russia 1

Others claim, however, that Europe’s security crises are part of a global return to regional power struggles, as well as an anti-globalization movement, which has rejuvenated nationalism worldwide. “Everything is connected; basically what we are seeing is the collapse of the world order as we have known it since World War II, and we—politicians, intel and security agencies—still struggle to understand it,” the European director of a private intelligence and security firm told The Daily Signal on background.
Admittedly, while sitting in a Parisian café, a Berlin beer garden, or a London pub, it’s somewhat of a stretch to really believe another conflict like World War II ever could happen again in Europe. Some say, however, this confidence in European security is misplaced, reflecting the historically perennial trap of assuming the next war, or the events leading up to it, will be like the last. “There have been large-scale atrocities on the continent in recent years—in Madrid, London and at the Charlie Hebdo [magazine] offices, in Paris, in January of last year—but in the aftermath of this one there is a realization that Europe, its cities and all those institutions predicated on unending peace are now vulnerable to bewilderingly rapid developments,” Henry Porter, the British editor of Vanity Fair, wrote in January, referring to the November terror attacks in Paris.
Terrorism: War on two-fronts 
“We are in a war against jihadist terrorism which is threatening the whole world,” French President François Hollande said following the November attacks. “My back cringes when Hollande states that France is at war with ISIS and will do whatever it takes to defeat them in Syria; that is really not where France will defeat anything,” the intelligence contractor told The Daily Signal. “The enemy is in the suburbs and towns of France, and it has little directly to do with ISIS.… ISIS will disappear eventually, but that will do nothing to stop the terror, unfortunately.”
Moscow’s seizure of Crimea and military intervention in Ukraine have countries throughout Eastern Europe preparing for war with Russia. In NATO’s Baltic member countries, the ranks of civilian volunteer militias have swelled since Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine in 2014, reflecting the deadly seriousness with which politicians and populations in Eastern Europe consider the possibility of war with Russia—a sometimes difficult concept for Western Europeans and Americans to understand.  –Newsweek

Alliances Shift

Russia attempting to lure Turkey from NATO: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to again be embracing his old friend Russian President Vladimir Putin as he continues to consolidate power after last month’s failed military uprising. Efforts to reset the Turkish-Russian relationship after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane over eight months ago have been underway since before July’s attempted coup. Erdogan reportedly wrote a letter to Putin in late June with the apology Moscow had been demanding since November.
But the stakes of reviving the relationship may now be significantly higher, as anti-American sentiment peaks within Turkey and Erdogan draws condemnation from the West for his decidedly undemocratic crackdown on those suspected of plotting or sympathizing with the coup. Putin, too, has much to gain from strengthening his relationship with Erdogan at such a politically sensitive moment — specifically, the opportunity to undermine the unity of both the European Union and NATO and absorb Turkey into Russia’s sphere of influence.
“Russia may go for a long-term game-changing move and lure Turkey away from the West as part of a broader geopolitical reconfiguration,” Middle East expert Marc Pierini, a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, wrote on Thursday.  –Business Insider

China vs Australia

China threatens military attack on Australian ships: Australia has been warned it could pay a heavy price for its support of the US and a group of Southeast Asian nations in rejecting China’s sovereignty to the South China Sea. In an aggressive and pointed warning to Australia, the China state-run Global Times called for military strikes on any Australian ships that may undertake “freedom-of-navigation” activities in the area.
The rhetoric-laden editorial is the latest salvo in an escalating regional power play between China and the US and its allies, and coincides with a new strategic report that predicts neither side would win a full-blown war. Entitled ‘Paper cat Australia will learn its lesson’, the Global Times article criticized Australia’s decision to support The Hague’s ruling that rejected China claims to the resource-rich South China Sea. –The New Daily
A N K MissileJapan orders military to shoot down N. Korean missiles: Japan ordered its military on Monday to be ready at any time to shoot down any North Korean missiles that threaten to strike Japan, putting its forces on a state of alert for at least three months, a defense ministry official and media said. Up to now, Japan has issued temporary orders when it had indications of an imminent North Korean missile launch that it has canceled after a projectile had been launched. However, because some test firings are hard to detect, it has decided to put its military on standby for a longer period. The order will be reviewed after three months, state broadcaster NHK said.  –Reuters

Wars and Rumors

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9 Responses to Europe quietly preparing for war with Russia – ‘what we are seeing is the collapse of world order as we have known it’

  1. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Hi Alvin! I pray that you are doing well during these troubling times. Please answer me one question as I just don’t seem to get a solid answer to it…. Was the uprising in Ukraine started by USA mercenary rebels of Russian mercenary rebels?
    I have my thoughts on this but is speculative. Thank you for all you do in keeping us up to date as the world unravels like a ball of yarn. God bless you.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      The crisis began in Ukraine on 21 November 2013, when then-president Viktor Yanukovych suspended preparations for the implementation of an association agreement with the European Union. This decision resulted in mass protests by its proponents, known as the “Euromaidan.” The sharks tasted blood. Russia exploited the crisis in the Ukraine, just like they were expected to. (Russia will never allow the Ukraine to become a NATO satellite on its SW border). And the CIA exploited the crisis in Ukraine, just like they did with the Arab Spring in the Middle East.

      Again, look at the Globalist role in the world’s mounting set of problems (The EU and the Globalist Agenda led by the Enforcer (the U.S.). They say nationalism caused World War I but it will be globalism that will cause World War III.

      These old paradigms of power are outdated in a rapidly evolving world and will hasten the collapse of global societies, as I mentioned in my book, Utopia.

      You’re welcome. Prepare yourself…a global crisis of unfathomable dimensions is about to take the world by storm. Soon, trouble will not cease until Jesus comes.

      • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

        Thank you Alvin! That is the way I saw it transpire as well but I kept wondering why were the military and the media / political people continuing to claim that Russia illegally annexed Crimea when it was obvious that they had a naval base in the area that needed protection. This USA I am in certainly is Mystery Babylon and I think we are on the tip of the sword. Jesus will take us through this whatever way he sees best.

      • Utopia: the Collapse says:

        Map of Crimea – Ukraine – Turkey

        We are on the tip of the sword.

        However, there’s more to this than meets the eye. In my opinion, Crimea is not much of a strategic value without the Ukraine. See map. Crimea is an important sea outlet for Russia’s Black Sea fleet but if you’re trying to mount an offensive into the Ukraine or Balkans from here with a massive land force using Crimea as a beachhead…it’s almost suicide. You never want the ocean at your back. The British were nearly slaughtered with this strategy at Dunkirk, the Allies were virtually cut to pieces in Normandy (they only prevailed by sheer numbers and with the help of air support), and the U.S. almost repeated the British Dunkirk mistake at The Battle of Anzio.

        In Crimea, you have Turkey (a NATO nation with nukes) to the South. And to the North, you have Ukraine, who wants to join NATO. I suspect Putin is working on both ends North/South. Remember, he forgave the shooting down of a Russian jet by Turkey to improve relations with Erdoğan. Next, tactically, Putin may tackle Ukraine. From a military standpoint, he’d be crazy if he doesn’t. Worst things are yet to come. Stay tuned…

      • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

        Thank you Alvin! Yes. You are correct. We are on the brink of destruction..Oh, Reminds me of that 1960’s era song..On the eve of destruction.

  2. Dennis E. says:

    China threatens military attack on Australian ships?: Ok!. This could cause American lives to push China back. In my opinion, will need a joint nation strike on those newly developed bases in the South China Sea. That will send a message and the push back from China will escalate matters for a while. The Dragon taunting.

    The West has a superior surface and sub surface fleet. Although China could put fighters to defend they would need refueling and perhaps could not stay on station long. They also have ships/submarines equipped with high speed cruise missiles and could inflict significant damage on Western Ships. But, I don’t know if the current administration has the interest to do this.

    On the other hand, since most countries have the capability or developing to use weather as a weapon: Using a weather modification program could be an alternate solution.

    Probably one reason other than North Korea, Japan is reportedly seeking Nuclear Weapons.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Dennis E. says:

    Also the pressure is building, surely the kettle will boil over soon.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      Sooner than most realize…probably depending on who wins the election, may determine the timing

      Be ready, stay ready
      For in such an hour as ye think not” (Matt 24:44)

      • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

        I have read various accounts from Christian visionaries that the war would start with Russia setting the people free. I always wondered what that could mean but now I am thinking that Putin[ at a time when God says….] will pretend that he is giving in to NATO and western interests and declare that he is giving Crimea back to Ukraine as some kind of olive branch and when the fool media plays it up as finally having peace on Earth all hell breaks out. When that would be on a calendar page I have no idea but it seems like it could be soon.

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