Russia’s secret super submarine fleet could be unstoppable in a World War III scenario – could roll over NATO

Beast Russian Sub
July 2016MOSCOW – Vladimir Putin is assembling a secret fleet of super submarines which could topple NATO and plunge the world into war. A report by naval experts warns that Russia already has a small but sophisticated army of subs which are capable of launching missile strikes across the globe.
The deadly group of stealthy underwater weapons are currently patrolling the world and have already reportedly breached UK waters having approached the Royal Navy’s base in Faslane, Scotland. Russia is stepping up its secret submarine program to ‘Cold War’ levels and experts warn NATO members “no longer” have the defenses to stop the aquatic death machines.

Beast Rus 2

Andrew Metrick, who co-wrote the report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said: “Russia operates a small number of very small, nuclear powered submarines that are capable of diving in excess of several thousand meters. “You can imagine what a clandestine deployable deep submergence vehicle could be used for.
“It’s pretty scary to think about some of the types of missions. “It’s probably the most shadowy part of the Russian undersea apparatus. It’s not operated by their navy; it’s operated by a separate branch of their Ministry of Defense.” While the fleet is not as big as the Soviet Union’s colossal arsenal, the report says the new subs can dive deeper, and move quieter, than any ever before. The nuclear-powered ships are armed with electronic warfare gear, long-range cruise missiles, torpedoes and mines.
And while the Kremlin is growing their amphibious firepower, the number of US submarines is dwindling. The incredible report says the formerly formidable Royal Navy is at its “lowest ebb” while NATO needs to reinvest its defence capabilities or risk being toppled by the might of Putin’s super subs. Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain with Center for New American Security, told Breaking Defense said: “We’re in a bad place as an alliance with regard to Russia’s underwater resurgence.”  –The Sun
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6 Responses to Russia’s secret super submarine fleet could be unstoppable in a World War III scenario – could roll over NATO

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Regarding the propulsion unit. ” Remember the movie RED OCTOBER”
    part of the quietness o the sub of course is its design, the capability to have quiet running equipment and of course you have the silent running mode.

    The screws and how they turn in the water and the gears used to do that. US subs have a tear drop appearance to help reduce drag and disturbance in the water which reduces sounding equipment ability to locate.

    But every system has an Achilles Tendon.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      The perfect doomsday bunker – you needn’t wonder why they are building so many

      “HMS Artful can stay underwater for up to 25 years without surfacing – its nuclear reactor only needs serviced once per quarter-century, and the submarine can produce breathable air and water from the sea around it.” – Metro UK

      • Dennis E. says:

        True. yet still, the physical effects on the body. Rapid aging. Yes! Look at prisoners who spend much time in prison with minor exposure to natural sunlight and air. I am 60. I have inmates sit down in front of me who are in their 40’s-50’s, look older than I.

        Also, 25 years? 25 years worth of food, medical supplies and such. Dispose of dead,diseased bodies by expelling them through a torpedo tube. Let nature take its course outside.

  2. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    There are many Christian visionaries that have ” witnessed ” God allowing USA [ MYSTERY BABYLON ] to be destroyed by fire and each records much of the attack being from submarines launching nuclear bombs all across the land.

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