I shall now count from one to ten…

July 2016 You are entering a state of deep sleep. You will be unable to awake from this sleep no matter how much you try to or how much you are disturbed by the images you see. In this deep state of sleep, the state has ultimate power over the individual. It will program and influence your mind. No one will care what you think or why. This state will decide your identity. It will dictate your choices. It will subject you to its doctrine. You cannot alter your fate or resist the will of the state. It is infallible. It is in control. It writes the rules that become the program for your sleep and you cannot alter, hack, or erase that program from your mind. You will believe the lies of the State as truth. The State will monitor your every move, see every word you type, and will hear every word you utter. It will control your dreams and it will interpret your nightmares. You will be told what to think and when to think. And whether or not you disagree with the dogmas and policies of this state; you will be made to obey them. You will harbor no disparaging thoughts or ill will against Big Brother or the State in which you find yourself asleep. Welcome to Europa. 

Each layer of sleep you experience will contain more absurdities, ambiguities, and lies. You will be unable to resist their influence. You will be unable to silence or remove the archetype persona that is speaking to you. Their dreams will become your reality. It is the cult of personality and you will follow these leaders without disagreement or ever questioning their authority. Now go deeper…Be there on the mental count of 10






You want to wake up, to free yourself of the nightmarish images which haunt the state of Europa…but it is not possible.


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4 Responses to I shall now count from one to ten…

  1. Rebecca says:

    WOW this is really awesome! Wish everyone could see this!

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you get it, Rebecca. Sometimes the only way to let people know about a nightmare is to convince them they’re asleep and already in one.

      • Rebecca says:

        Absolutely! Keep up the great work in letting us all know the truth! At library now and your book is only out in Spain she said. Cannot get it to this Wi library.

      • Utopia: the Collapse says:

        Oh no! Let me know if you continue to have difficulty finding it.

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