War declaration: ISIS Syrian bomber killed in Germany warns ‘car bombs’ will explode all across Europe

ISIS Warning
July 2016GERMANY ISIS has released a video showing German suicide bomber Mohammad Daleel issuing a chilling warning that Islamists will wreak havoc across Europe with car bombs. The failed asylum seeker warns the West they will no longer ‘live peacefully’ and that they will be much larger bombings than the one he carried out in the quiet Bavarian town of Ansbach on Sunday.
In the video 27-year-old Daleel says: ‘This operation is carried out with an explosive device, but next time it will be with (car) bombs. To the German people, your country is killing you by its actions. Islamic State did not start this war with you.’ Daleel, whose face is totally obscured by a black scarf, attempts to justify what German politicians have called a ‘cowardly act.’ The bomber adds: ‘To the German Youth: your planes that are shelling us don’t distinguish between men, women and even children.’ The twisted video emerged after ISIS issued a photograph of Daleel, who was nicknamed Rambo, to glorify his suicide bombing. 
Daleel, who was about to be deported from Germany, had wanted to kill hundreds of young people attending an open-air concert in the market place in Ansbach on Sunday night. He was turned away from the concert by security guards because he did not have a ticket. The bomber walked to a nearby wine bar where he detonated a backpack containing metal fragments. The crowd of 2,500 packed into the Reitbarn square had no idea there had been an explosion and were evacuated quickly by organizers of the concert.

Germany T 2

A show of force in Germany. Though in the end, such gestures are only meant to make people feel safe. An armed brigade along will never win the war on terror. The only real way to defeat terrorism is to prevent it from happening. 
New details about Daleel released by the German authorities show that when interviewed he insisted he was not violent and was escaping Syria because of the war. During his initial interviews for asylum in Germany he told officials he did not want to ‘carry a weapon’ against anyone. He also claimed that he had been imprisoned in Syria for publishing videos about demonstrations taking place against the Assad regime. He made no mention of the terror group ISIS but mentioned had come into contact with members of al Q’aida after he was imprisoned. The 27-year-old told officials that his wife and children had been killed after their home in the Syrian city of Aleppo had been shelled by pro Assad forces.
He said he survived and suffering from shrapnel wounds to his knee and was evacuated to Turkey for treatment. He later returned to Syria but in 2014 began his journey across Europe that would result with him living in an asylum seekers hostel in Ansbach. According to German media Daleel made his first application for asylum on 21st August 2014 where he spoke out against violence. ‘I don’t want to carry a weapon against people,’ he said, according to Bild newspaper. ‘I don’t want to bear arms.’ Daleel, a Suni-Muslim, told interviewers that he had studied law for a year and also worked in his father’s soap factory. As an opponent of President Assad’s regime he told a panel assessing his asylum application that he was arrested several times and his parents Yousef,73 and mother Kamila,64, were also held. ‘I faced death and torture,’ he said. –Daily Mail
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