Pentagon, London furious over Russia bombing coalition base in Syria – Europe’s migrant nightmare ‘made in America’

Proxy War Syria
July 2016SYRIA The Pentagon and London’s Ministry of Defense are furious over two Russian bombings of U.S. special operations outposts last month, according to a report. Russian aircraft bombed a secret U.S.-British special operations garrisons in Jordan on June 16 and again on July 12, in an effort to persuade the Obama administration to agree with closer cooperation over Syrian airspace, the report says. The At-Tanf garrison, used by U.S. and British special operations forces as a staging ground with rebel allies, is an unofficial buffer zone to prevent the Islamic State from spreading into Jordan.
“I’m not going to discuss the specifics of U.S. or other coalition SOF [special operations forces] operations, so I’m not going to confirm that one way or the other,” U.S. military spokesman Col. Chris Garver told reporters Friday morning. During the June 16 attack, Russian military planes dropped several cluster bombs on the garrison. Luckily, all special operations forces had left just 24 hours before the Russian attack. After the Russian strike, U.S. military officials at Central Command’s air operations center in Qatar alerted their Russian counterparts that they just bombed a U.S. facility. However, Moscow launched a second wave of attacks just 90 minutes later.
Initially, Moscow told the Pentagon they struck the garrison because they thought it was an Islamic State compound. U.S. officials rejected that excuse, citing specific ways the base was fortified that only the U.S. and allies use. Russia pivoted, saying the Jordanians approved the strike. However, again, that was inaccurate, as the Jordanians “never gave Moscow a green light.” In a third attempt to justify bombing a U.S. compound, the Russian military said the U.S. was “not in a position to call off the strike because officers with U.S. Central Command didn’t provide Moscow with the precise coordinates for the garrison.”

CNN News interview : Filed December 2, 2015 
As distrust grew between the U.S. and Moscow, U.S. military officials told the Russian military to altogether avoid the Jordanian border. Despite the warning, Russia conducted another airstrike July 12 on a CIA-backed compound south of the garrison, killing 200 civilians. The risk to U.S. and British forces stiffened the opposition to Russia’s actions. Instead of forcefully rebuking the Russian attacks, the U.S. State Department reportedly pursued a compromise to avoid a potential proxy war. Secretary of State John Kerry reached a provisional agreement with Moscow last week that allows the two adversaries to join forces against the Nusra Front, a Syrian al Qaeda affiliate. As part of the compromise, the U.S. will back track Russian isolation in return for Moscow halting airstrikes on U.S.-backed rebels and keeping the Syrian air force in check.
While the provisional deal will allow the U.S. to target Nusra in areas previously off limits, critics say the White House gave in to Russian bullying and that the U.S. needs to confront Moscow more squarely. The possibility of an agreement is close, but so far no progress has been made. “As for the negotiations with the Russians in regard to operations inside Syria, I can tell you that today we are doing exactly what we’ve been doing,” Garver said. “We’re not cooperating in any way other than communicating through the one channel for safety of flight through the memorandum of agreement that we have. And there’s no cooperation with Russian forces at this time,” he added.
Since the September 2015 Russian intervention in Syria, the Russian air force has conducted hundreds of airstrikes against U.S.-backed rebels fighting Assad. A Russian embassy spokesman said, “In reality, the only objective Russia pursues in Syria is fighting terrorism. And we believe that better coordination of Russian and American efforts would contribute to effective pursuit of this objective, as well as to a diplomatic solution of the Syrian crisis.”  –Washington Examiner
Hungarian PMHungarian PM blames U.S. foreign policy for migration crisis: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Saturday said Donald Trump had proposed security policies that Europe should take to heart to solve a security crisis he blames on uncontrolled immigration. Speaking at a summer university in Baile Tusnad, Romania, the Hungarian leader tied increased security threats to increased migration and cited Trump’s proposals at the Republican National Convention to combat terrorism… Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president on Thursday with a speech that outlined an increased intelligence effort, an end to a “failed policy of nation-building and regime change” and a total suspension of immigration from states “compromised by terrorism.” Orban said Western countries acted recklessly to remove the undemocratic but stable regimes in Libya, Syria and Iraq without guaranteeing stability in the aftermath, exposing Europe to a mass wave of migration.  –Yahoo News – July 23, 2016 

Foreign Policy

Western foreign policy to blame for migrant crisis and growth of ISIS: Former U.S. Rep Ron Paul, R- Texas said: The reason so many are fleeing places like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq is that U.S. and European interventionist foreign policy has left these countries destabilized with no hopes of economic recovery. This mass migration from the Middle East and beyond is a direct result of the neocon foreign policy of regime change, invasion, and pushing ‘democracy’ at the barrel of a gun.”  The most recent example of U.S. interventionism can be seen in the Syrian civil war, which started in 2011 and has internally displaced 7.6 million people and sent 4 million Syrians to neighboring countries. More than 200,000 civilians have been killed, according to Reuters.  –HNGN

A chilling warning about the rise of radical Islamic ideology, the ensuing global reign of terror, and the wars that would follow as a result of it, was written in the book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order by Samuel P. Huntington in 1997. However, almost nobody heeded the warnings – particularly the Bush and Obama administrations who would extend CIA wars in the Middle East and continue to topple foreign dictators under the ruse of spreading democracy. Huntington also warned about the failure of multiculturalism when radicalism was involved. 
Clash of Civilizations

Civilizations Clash 1996 (2)

Former MI6 chief warns EU over migrant crisis: Sir Richard Dearlove warned the continent is facing a “populist uprising” amid growing anger from voters who feel they have been betrayed by political elites in London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels. The retired spy chief said millions more migrants will come to Europe over the next few years, which could spark a terrifying spiral of events ending in bloody uprising against leaders across the West.
He also urged Brussels bureaucrats not to press ahead with a hugely controversial and shambolic deal with Turkey, which will grant visa-free access to the EU to more than 80 million citizens of the predominantly Muslim country.  Sir Richard’s remarks came after the UN ambassador and American actress Angelina Jolie warned the world will descend into “chaos” if Europe does not solve its migration crisis.
More than a million migrants came into Europe last year, opening up unprecedented divisions within the EU and sparking a surge in support for far-right parties. Mass demonstrations against immigration have taken place in a number of European countries and especially Germany, where a gang of 1,000 migrant men raped women out celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The far-right group Pegida, which began in Germany, has spread out across the continent amid growing anger and suspicions that officials are covering up sex crimes committed by migrants.  –UK Express

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  1. Laluz says:

    The US alliance in Syria is illegal. It (USA, France, UK) were never invited by the Syrian Government. Russia is there at the request of the Syrians.

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