World silent as Turkey’s madman, Erdogan, rounds up 50,000 people allegedly involved in coup attempt

Turkey Madness
July 2016 TURKEY More than 50,000 people have been rounded up, sacked or suspended from their jobs by Turkey’s government in the wake of last week’s failed coup. The purge of those deemed less than loyal to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan widened on Tuesday to include teachers, university deans and the media. The government says they are allied to US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who denies claims he directed the uprising. PM Binali Yildirim said the preacher led a “terrorist organization. We will dig them up by their roots,” he told parliament.
Turkey is pressing the US to extradite Mr. Gulen and the issue was raised during a phone call between US President Barack Obama and President Erdogan on Tuesday, the White House said. Spokesman Josh Earnest said a decision on whether or not to extradite would be made under a treaty between the two countries.
A Turkish government spokesman suggested that the US should be able to extradite the cleric “on grounds of suspicion” rather than requiring facts of the case against him. “There is very strong suspicion for his [Gulen’s] involvement in this coup attempt. So this is sufficient grounds,” said spokesman Ibrahim Kalin. For his part, Mr. Gulen says claims he was behind the coup attempt are “ridiculous. I urge the US government to reject any effort to abuse the extradition process to carry out political vendettas,” he said in a statement.

Turkey A

The Pentagon said that talks also took place on Tuesday between Defense Secretary Ash Carter and his Turkish counterpart regarding the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey. The base, which is used by a US-led coalition fighting so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, has been without power since the coup attempt. Meanwhile, the Turkish government crackdown widened on Tuesday to include the education sector and government departments.
Turkey’s media regulation body on Tuesday also revoked the licenses of 24 radio and TV channels accused of links to Mr. Gulen. The news came on top of the arrests of more than 6,000 military personal and the sackings of nearly 9,000 police officers. About 3,000 judges have also been suspended. The removal of thousands of officials has alarmed international observers, with the UN urging Turkey to uphold the rule of law and defend human rights.
A senior German official said on Tuesday that “a deep split” had opened in Turkey, and he feared the divisions would cause unrest among Germany’s large Turkish community. “The danger of an escalation in violence between Erdogan supporters and opponents has also risen in Germany,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has accused Turkey of carrying out “revenge” against its opponents and critics. He also said a debate around restoring the death penalty was “deeply worrying.” The EU has warned such a move would end talks over Turkey joining the bloc. According to official figures, Friday night’s coup attempt left 232 people dead and 1,541 wounded.  –BBC


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2 Responses to World silent as Turkey’s madman, Erdogan, rounds up 50,000 people allegedly involved in coup attempt

  1. LA says:

    Hitler and the Third Reich all over again. Extremely heartbreaking entry into WW3.

  2. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Well like I said some months ago…USA was so itching to take out Assad?! But leaves in a man like Erdogan because he pretends to be on side of USA and by default now has taken hostage of an incredible amount of USA nuclear weaponry, military hardware, planes, equipment etc. God is making sure now that EVERYTHING USA does internationally WILL backfire. The USA has been spinning this web of treachery for many years and is now caught in it’s own web. There is no way out even if USA just left it all behind it is now too late. What USA has done to other countries is now happening here. It will go down as God sees fit. For believers… PRAY. Jesus can still take care of those that love him. As the lights in this world get ever so dim our light of love must continue to shine. The darkness cannot put it out.

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