British Prime Minister, Theresa May, gets UK affairs in order in the event of a nuclear war

Doomsday Letters
July 2016GREAT BRITAINIn related World War 3 News, Britain just welcomed their new Prime Minister and her first job in office is to prepare for nuclear war – should it happen. Prime Minister Theresa May’s first few hours at the office have already turned busy as the second female PM prepares for the worst case scenario. First is the all-important task of writing the “letter of last resort” – which will outline her instructions to UK’s Trident submarine captains should Britain be wiped out.
A “letter of last resort” remains a secret and will only be used should the Prime Minister is killed and unable to give commands. The letter includes plans and instructions on what Britain should do if they are to be wiped out. This letter will be written identically four times, placed in a secure box and will be sent to each of the commanders in charge of the Trident in Scotland. It will only be opened as a “last resort.”
It is said that Tony Blair, previous Prime Minister, “went quiet” when he was faced with writing the letters which show how important it is to think long and hard on what instructions to put in it. With the recent Brexit, World War 3 news and concerns came up and many can’t help but fret over this issue. With May, people are hoping it doesn’t come down to that. These letters will remain unopened and will be destroyed once a Prime Minister leaves office. May, described by NY Times as a “shrewd politician”, served as Home Secretary for six years and replaced former Prime Minister David Cameron’s spot when he resigned.  –Morning Ledger

Wars and Rumors

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