Russia’s 400 vehicle strong Armageddon convoy runs practice drill for World War III

Doomsday Drill
“If this were to happen for real—well, we hope you have a fallout shelter somewhere nearby.” –Popular Mechanics
July 2016 MOSCOW – The largest country in the world by area, Russia has plenty of room to hide things. Naturally, that includes nuclear missiles. Unlike American missiles, which are stationed in concrete silos, Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are deployed on large truck-like vehicles designed to prowl the country’s road networks before unleashing Armageddon. Russia Today has a story on a Russian strategic missile exercise that involves a massive convoy traveling from European-Russian border all the way to the Mongolian border. Russian mobile ICBMs have established permanent bases but leave in groups on month-long patrols. This particular 400-vehicle convoy includes Topol, Topol-M, and Yars mobile missiles, as well as command and control, security, and logistics vehicles.
Topol and Yars missiles are capable of delivering one to four nuclear warheads within roughly a thousand feet of their target, making them accurate enough to destroy American missiles in their silos. This makes them a formidable first-strike weapon capable of wiping out a significant part of the US nuclear arsenal, if the Russians were so inclined. The giant vehicles are TELs, or transporter-erector-launchers, specialized vehicles designed to give a heavy missile a smooth ride over rough roads. TELs not only store the missile but can launch it in the field. The launch tubes can be reloaded back at base (assuming, of course, there is a base to return to). The smaller vehicles are logistic, communications, and command and control vehicles.
Mobile ICBMs are vulnerable to ground attack, particularly enemy special forces who may attempt to destroy the missiles before they are launched. The convoy relies upon a Taifun-M armored reconnaissance vehicle to detect ambushes on the ground. Taifun-M bristles with sensors, including forward-looking infra-red, radar, and traditional optics, and can allegedly detect enemy troops at 3 kilometers. Also part of the convoy is a tracked robotic vehicle equipped with a machine gun. The unmanned vehicle can more quickly close with an enemy threat and eliminate it before the enemy can shoot at the giant, highly flammable rockets with nuclear warheads strapped to them.We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: these mobile ICBMs are terrifying.  –Popular Mechanics

Russia B

Russia’s missile corps will carry out simulated launch drills to prepare for full-scale war amid the tensions between the superpower and the Western alliance. This year the Kremlin ordered the number of ICBM test runs to be doubled, as Canadian spooks warned Russia is “mobilizing for war.”
Last year, Colonel General Sergey Karakaev, commander of the missile corps, said Russian military experts found the US missile shield was unable to repel the full force of Russia’s nuclear might. Russia will also be performing counter sabotage drills as part of their series of field exercises. Vladimir Putin has been stockpiling nuclear weapons, with experts believing he has ten times as many as NATO. Should war come between the Kremlin and the alliance, it has been warned Russia’s might would be able to crush NATO in just 60 hours. –Daily Star
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4 Responses to Russia’s 400 vehicle strong Armageddon convoy runs practice drill for World War III

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I ponder if, as is I think it is with ballistic submarines, they just cannot stop, put this launcher in launch mode and make a accurate launch. Unless it is satellite guided as some of our smart bombs are. The give away is the report in this posting of a ground defense team that accompanies the launcher and probably they travel in three’s.
    Russia is a big country. A beautiful one.

    In the 70’s, during the Carter Administration a proposal was made to have shell game in that putting us missiles on flat beds on trains and moving them about the country. The missile that concerns me is the sub-launched cruise missile. Don’t have to have a big warhead, any nuclear explosion will be deadly.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      Remember the SAS and the SEALS hunt for SCUD missile launchers in Iraq. Even the Patriot missiles didn’t stop all the Iraqi scuds.

      400 Russian vehicles, 4 warheads per missile

      Good luck preventing Armageddon!

      If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened” -Matthew 24:22

      • Dennis E. says:

        Roger that. I didn’t think those missiles on the launchers had more than one warhead.
        Although, some could be dummy warheads,to draw defensive missile/laser fire.

        Remember during the 60’s when they paraded the missiles in red square and the world got upset. The Russians later said some of those missiles were faked and not loaded but used as propaganda and it worked. Also, intel analyst said that those missiles would not had been able to leave earth’s atmosphere. Just a thought, wonder how many of these launchers are actually loaded. Then, they have about 10,000 so one or two launchers not loaded won’t make a difference.

        They reduced the heat signature during the gulf war by hiding them at predetermined launch points, concealed. When I was in the military, armor, we would drive the tank to a point, from that point we would range potential targets using azimuth and recording it.
        Mark the position of the tank. Return later to that same reference point, using the info recorded during daylight hours, shoot at night and hit the target

      • Utopia: the Collapse says:

        You can’t believe anything in its entirely by any government heads today regarding classified weaponry except that the taxpayers are being bilked for the cost.

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