Putin sends Russian submarine through the English Channel

English Channel
June 2016 UNITED KINGDOMVladimir Putin has sent an attack submarine into the English Channel. The Sun can reveal the kilo-class submarine Stary Oskol – armed with missiles and torpedoes – will pass through the Dover Straits at 10am on June 8th. England’s heroes in defense on board Royal Navy frigate HMS Kent had intercepted the Russian super-sub in the North Sea.
Exclusive pictures obtained by The Sun show the diesel-electric powered submarine – sailing above the surface – monitored by HMS Kent. A Russian support tug can also be seen in the shock pictures. Insiders said the sub had been tracked since Sunday by anti-submarine Type 23 frigate HMS Kent after it left her home port at Severmorsk.
The submarine was picked up in the North Sea and closely marked as she sailed down the UK’s eastern coastal flank, in a defensive move certain to inspire Roy Hodgson’s squad. Royal Navy sources refused to say where the sub was headed – but based on previous journeys it is expected to be sailing for the Black Sea. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon was quick to hail the Royal Navy for snuffing out Putin’s latest attempt to intimidate the UK ahead of the Euros. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said: “This shows that the Navy is maintaining a vigilant watch in international and territorial waters to keep Britain safe and protect us from potential threats.”
And HMS Kent’s Commanding Officer, Commander Daniel Thomas, added: “Locating this submarine was a combined effort with NATO allies and shadowing such units is routine activity for the Royal Navy. “We continue to escort the submarine as it conducts its passage, providing a visible presence.” It is the first time in over a decade a Russian submarine has been spotted in the English Channel – although some have certainly made the journey unseen and unreported. Although the Channel is deemed to be international waters, the UK maintains a perpetual defensive presence. And fearsome frigates provide a determined show of strength to potential adversaries.  –Sun
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3 Responses to Putin sends Russian submarine through the English Channel

  1. Whyte says:

    Testing 1 2 3 Testing 1 2 3

  2. Look That Way says:

    SO,,,, It’s Ok for the west to send troops to the border of Russia???

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