Expert: Iran is on a weapons shopping spree in Russia and China

May 2016TEHRAN During an Oversight Committee hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill, American Enterprise Institute Scholar Michael Rubin warned the vague language in the Iranian nuclear deal has allowed the regime to become the best customers of U.S. adversaries. “A major flaw in the agreement is that it bans arms sales for five years for offensive weapons but never defines what offensive is, which is why Iran is on a shopping spree in Russia and China right now,” Rubin said.
The arms purchases represent a new and bolstered military alliance between Iran, China and Russia, something foreign policy experts warned about long before the deal was completed last summer.  “If the [Obama] Administration had told Congress before the deal that the deal was going to result in an Iranian, Russian military alliance, which was going to intervene in Syria and result in a rise of Iranian power around the region, I think we would have had a very different debate,”  Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Doran added.
In recent weeks, the Iranian regime has threatened to walk away from the Iranian nuclear deal as Congress considers re-instituting some sanctions in response to Iran conducting multiple ballistic missile tests, which violate previous U.N. agreements. –Town Hall
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5 Responses to Expert: Iran is on a weapons shopping spree in Russia and China

  1. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    It is interesting that back in the early 1980’s that Dimitri Duduman was shown in a vision of Russia and China getting together with a few other countries on how to stop the USA from being the big bully. [ paraphrasing ]. He also talks about how he saw the bear seem almost dead but then revived and as it grew some men tried to fight it off with sticks [ ISIS ?? ] and it grew even bigger. He also mentions that the leader of the USA would attempt a deal that would back fire, [ Perhaps in trying to sanction Russia which pushed them right into the embrace of China and perhaps this nuclear deal with Iran may be a part. ] This overall problem seems to have really caught traction when Nixon was in office as he not only took USA off of gold standard but also made a deal with the Saudi’s to use the US dollar as the only currency to trade oil with. We have done huge violence against all foreign governments that have wanted to leave the petro- dollar but now are also in the middle of Muslim civil war taking orders from the Saudis which in my own humble opinion is the top reason why our government said Assad must go.
    Back to Duduman’s vision the Russian leader tells the Chinese leader..” Don’t worry, if USA goes to war against you we will strike from behind. I am sure we will also get help from…” and names other countries.

  2. Whyte says:

    False flag making deals with the devils.

  3. From Aussie says:

    “A major flaw in the agreement is that it bans arms sales for five years for offensive weapons but never defines what offensive is….”
    Get your facts right! You are dead wrong mate. And the US has NO authority over Iran and nor does the UN bunch of murdering shit-heads!

    • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

      Yes, Aussie! The USA government prefers threatening and bullying other countries rather than work with them. One recent example is Obama visiting Kenya and telling them they HAVE to accept homosexuality…Like where the HELL does he get off?

  4. Look That Way, There's Nothing To See Here! says:

    Joseph & Aussie, well done and well put!
    Knowing that some of as are awake is a great feeling.
    U.S. UN and the Saudis AND More all have there hands covered in blood! With the petro-dollar losing its grip+power the U.S. Will become more desperate. Russia, China know this.
    Let’s hope it’s a gold back money they both work together on with other countries

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