Sapientia: The 40 Principles of Wisdom by Alvin Conway

Sapientia Book C

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6 Responses to Sapientia: The 40 Principles of Wisdom by Alvin Conway

  1. Whyte says:

    That’s one and the other book?

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      No quite finished with it yet. However, I did update the version of Splendor and list your name in the Acknowledgment. So, I want you to have an updated copy.

      • Whyte says:

        Its all you Alvin!! Its amazing the many layers you have shared with all of us who follow your wisdom, open mind and the thirst for more. I am just speechless and honored. ECKKKKK!!! EXCITING!!! Right on schedule for reading in my little garden with all the hummingbirds and butterflies. Everyone who follows your sites should read all your works. Then they would understand you are a messenger. I am grateful to have found your work and always learning every time I reread.

        When the second one is ready I will do what we did last time if that is okay, you know I must have complete collections…wink, wink .

        Been busy just returned from Fort Mac helping animals get out of the fire the whole town has been evacuated…walls of flames.

      • Utopia: the Collapse says:

        The Garden

        Got it! We can do it.

        God be glorified for the gifts He has given unto men. Your work and care for animals is so noble. Thank you for your kindness and your warm heart. I’m so glad you graced my life.

        You are a flower in the garden of my life experience.
        (And you know I use garden metaphors in a lot of my works)


  2. Whyte says:

    Terrific a perfect way to spend the summer.

    Awww thanks wish I could of scooped all the critters of our forest to safety, they bring me calm and peace.
    Still need more wisdom looking forward to reading your latest and greatest. Will be in town next week and will get my order in.

    Much Respect and Many Congrats!! Such drive, passion and kindness not sure how you do it…can I order some of that too?

    Always Your Loyal Fan

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