Made in China: China’s new nuclear missile could obliterate Western cities in 30 minutes

DF 41
April 2016BEIJINGChina has allegedly tested a weapon of mass destruction capable of hitting London and other major European or American cities in just 30 minutes. The People’s Republic reportedly fired a nuke called the Dongfeng-41, which has the longest range of any missile in the world. It can carry up to 10 warheads over a distance of roughly 7,450 miles in just half an hour before hitting several targets at once. This would mean Beijing could destroy the whole of London – which is slightly more than 5,000 miles from the Chinese capital – or wipe out any city in the West.
Pentagon sources told the Washington Beacon that the nuke had been detected by American satellites. The development is likely to make American military chiefs extremely nervous. A number of states near China are now armed with weapons of mass destruction. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un now has nuclear weapons – and could soon be able to target America and Japan. Kim, 33, was recently pictured standing next to what was thought to be a miniaturized weapon. Miniaturization is achieved when the nuclear warhead weighs less than 2,200 lb and the diameter of the bomb measures 35 inches or less.

DF 41 B

In state media, Kim was quoted as saying: “We must always be ready to fire our nuclear warheads at any time.” Now, a South Korean government report has confirmed the miniaturized 660lb nuclear warhead is at his disposal. The National Assembly Research Service said the warheads could be mounted on missiles. It is feared North Korea now had between eight and 20 miniaturized warheads. The claims came as the U.S. senate was warned it is only a matter of time before Kim had long-range missiles capable of hitting America and Japan. General Vincent Brooks told the Armed Services Committee that Kim was determined to build rockets which could target the US.
He said: “Over time, I believe we’re going to see them acquire these capabilities if they’re not stopped.” Senator John McCain, who chairs the committee, asked how concerned he was about the “immaturity and unpredictability of the rotund ruler in Pyongyang.”  General Brooks replied: “I’m very concerned about the direction he’s going, and it’s evident that he’s not yet deterred from his pursuit.” The US has 28,500 troops in South Korea. They have kept a military presence there since the end of the Korean War in 1953. The two Koreas technically remain at war, as the conflict ended in an armistice instead of a peace treaty.
China supported the North in the Korean War but has become increasingly exasperated by the antics of Kim, who came to power after the death of his father Kim Jong-il in 2011. Pyongyang last week conducted a test of what appeared to be a medium-range missile, but the rocket suffered a catastrophic failure on launch. Washington and Seoul may deploy the Theater High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD), to protect against ballistic missiles from the North. South Korea pointed out that it took the US seven years to miniaturize a nuclear warhead in the 1960’s while the Soviet Union took six and China only two years. North Korea is thought to be planning another nuclear test in the run-up to its Party Congress on May 7. Some experts believe Kim’s missiles have a longer range than previously assessed. The test this month revealed the KN-08 first stage uses Musudan rather than No Dong engines, along with a more capable fuel. –Mirror

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2 Responses to Made in China: China’s new nuclear missile could obliterate Western cities in 30 minutes

  1. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    The prophetic visions of Dimitri Duduman and C.A. Sims and others are becoming alarmingly accurate. Yet when this once great country is eventually bombed to hell..[ LITERALLY! ] there will still be a few people around that will deny Almighty God gave warnings to the people to repent of their depraved lifestyles.

  2. Dennis E. says:

    A missile launched from Russia, as determined from the Cold War Era would take 30 minutes to reach the USA via Canada over the North Pole after The DEW Line Radar system detected the Missiles shortly after launch. That is why The US Air Force had a constant airborne flights of B-52’s and and alert Aircraft to be launched within 15 minutes after the alarm.

    I read this posting and nothing new, except China can do it now. Also, did not mention the submarine launched missiles. Less time to react if these are launched.

    However, it takes only one and that puppet in North Korea is most likely the fool to do it.

    Some people do not know but during the Clinton White House years, it is alleged military tech was given to The Chinese. We do know that then President Clinton wanted to seal shut the Launch tubes of our ballistic submarines and not to be unsealed until there was an actual explosion on the us mainland. This was written and published.

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