Establishment of ISIS cell in Israel ‘real and concrete threat’ – former IDF soldier joins ISIS

ISIS Israel
December 2015 JERUSALEMChairman of Yesh Atid and current MK Yair Lapid said at a cultural event in Bat Yam on Saturday that the establishment of an ISIS cell in Israel is a “real and concrete threat” and Israel must focus its actions to the prevent such an event. “There is a clear interest within ISIS to drag Israel into a war with them. If they do so, they will be able to paint Israel as having an alliance with the states fighting against them,” Lapid said. “One of the greatest fears of the Arab world is a direct conflict between Israel and the Islamic State.” Lapid also criticized Israel’s lack of foreign policy regarding this issue, and encouraged the Jewish State to better prepare for conflict, should it arise. We need to be ready for this more than anything else. We have Islamic State around our borders. Israel should prepare for this hard and fast, and if we do not, we will find ourselves in conflict with ISIS, which begins with terror activities and continues with acts of war.” –Jerusalem Post
Former IDF soldier reportedly joins ISIS: Arab intelligence sources say they believe a Muslim Israeli citizen who formerly served in the Israel Defense Forces has joined the self-proclaimed Islamic State after traveling into Syria. His whereabouts, as well as the time he crossed the border, remain unclear. Some 100-150 Israeli Arabs are working with or are in the captivity of ISIS, according to Arab intelligence sources. But this man would be the first known individual who is a former IDF soldier. –The Daily Beast
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2 Responses to Establishment of ISIS cell in Israel ‘real and concrete threat’ – former IDF soldier joins ISIS

  1. Dennis E. says:

    “There is a clear interest within ISIS to drag Israel into a war with them.”
    The liberation of Jerusalem and its return back to Muslin hands, which is a stated goal of the current Turkish President, (Dreams of a Reborn Ottoman Empire) is the real goal here. (Sounds also like Putin who wants to see a a rebirth of the former Soviet Union). The recapture of Jerusalem and the murder of over 6 million Israelis men women and children. Ethic Cleansing.
    I don’t know if ISIS is a creation of the western nations or not but it sure is surviving much bombing from six different nations.

    Back to my point. Why Jerusalem. When you hear any Muslin leader speak about Jerusalem, always remember it is primarily about the Temple Mount, Jewish alleged occupation secondary… Not going to explain it. Most of you know. But do your research, get an understanding, so you can explain it to your fellow workers who will be as a deer in headlights as matters unfold. How many of you have heard people you know say well, I don’t understand, its over there, they will work it out, not my concern. It is going to disrupt life, planet wide as we know it. It is going to cause WWIII.

    Not a prophet, not a seer or anything, but based on what is unfolding in the middle east, to stop the bloodshed and destruction of Israel, it will take the personal appearance of Jesus Christ, after the false peace, to stop it. Because during the false peace Israel will be too expended to fight anymore and will desire some kind of peace.
    Some of you may have hear that certain Jewish Rabbis are saying the messiah is in Israel now.
    Just remember, series of wars, a false messiah, rebuilding of the temple (false peace), then attempted destruction of Israel.

    This area is building to a boiling point as a volcano. If you look at the postings, in this month, there has been a remarkable pickup in not only volcano action action but earthquakes. I don’t care about people thinking I am over hyping this issue, scriptures are not and we see that in the news every day.

    We are heading towards a major global event.

    Merry Christmas….A

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