Donald Trump defends Muslim ban: ‘We’re at war’

December 2015WASHINGTONAfter sparking perhaps the biggest controversy in a presidential campaign filled with them, a defiant Donald Trump is defending his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States. “Something has to be done,” Trump said on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” one of several phone interviews the Republican frontrunner participated in Tuesday morning. “What I’m doing is I’m calling very simply for a shutdown of Muslims entering the United States — and here’s a key — until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Trump’s plan, which was released Tuesday, calls for a “total and complete shutdown” of all Muslims entering the country in response to the recent terror attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., and Paris.
His campaign initially indicated the ban would include Muslim-Americans traveling overseas. But Trump said Tuesday there would be exceptions. “If a person is a Muslim, goes overseas and comes back, they can come back,” Trump said. “They’re a citizen. That’s different.” Trump compared the ban to the internment of Japanese-Americans under President Franklin Roosevelt during World War II, a move he recently said he isn’t sure he would have supported or opposed. “This is a president [Roosevelt] highly respected by all; he did the same thing,” Trump said. “This is outrageous from someone who wants to assume the highest office,” Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said at a news conference Monday. “Donald Trump sounds more like the leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours. I didn’t know Donald Trump was fluent in Nazi,” Bassem Youssef, a comedian and former talk show host, wrote on Twitter. –Yahoo News

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Donald Trump poll numbers rose from 22% to 35% after his controversial remark about banning Muslims from entering the U.S. Love or hate Donald Trump, his poll numbers are rising and his tough rhetoric has less to do with enforcing U.S or government policy and has more to do with striking an accord with a sentiment running deep in America. Just look at the latest polls on how Americans feel. Americans want a tough stance and defensive strategy against ISIS and the Obama Administration, which is more interested in toppling Assad in Syria, has never really taken the ISIS threat as serious.

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Many were outraged with President Obama’s seemingly disingenuous remarks for simply referring to the attacks in the French capital which killed 130 people on November 13, as “obviously a terrible and sickening setback” in the fight against the Islamic state. A setback? Nineteen days later, Islamic terrorists who may have been influenced by the radical group ISIS, killed 16 people and injured 23 others in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.
Trump says things a lot of Americans wish they could say but can’t. It’s not politically correct. According to the latest poll numbers, Americans don’t want more Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S. despite the Obama Administration’s desire to shove the issue down Americans’ throat. In November, 30 U.S. governors asked the Obama’s Administration to halt the move to resettle Syrian refugees in the U.S.

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The stark reality is Americans are forsaking Christianity for a more secular lifestyle. According to a May 2015, New York Times article: “Seventy-one percent of American adults were Christian in 2014, the lowest estimate from any sizable survey to date, and a decline of 5 million adults and 8 percentage points since a similar Pew survey was conducted  in 2007.” Religion is just too restrictive for many in an increasingly secularized world – so the idea that radical Islam, with its Sharia law directives, can step in and fill a void in America made vacant by Christianity is ludicrous. If Americans have an increasing intolerance for Christianity and its Sunday-morning, turn-the-other-cheek moral religious values – then it has an even greater antipathy for the radicalized, violent version of Islam that ISIS is peddling.
AP: Attacks ‘terrible’ setback in Islamic State campaign – NY Times Big drop in share of Americans calling themselves Christians (May 2015)
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