ISIS said to have smuggled weapons of mass destruction into European Union

December 2015 TERROR NATIONISIS has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage war with weapons of mass destruction against the West, a shocking European Parliament report has claimed. The terror organization, according to the briefing document, ‘may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks.’ The document, which was compiled in the aftermath of the deadly attacks on Paris claimed that ISIS has already smuggled WMD material into Europe.
Experts fear that ISIS will be able to exploit a failure of EU governments to share information on possible terrorists. Already, British police forces have been conducting exercises on how to deal with various types of terrorist attack. But the EU report claims that government should ‘consider publicly addressing the possibility of terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological or even nuclear materials.’
The report, ISIL/Da’esh and ‘non-conventional’ weapons of terror warns: ‘At present, European citizens are not seriously contemplating the possibility that extremist groups might use chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials during attacks in Europe. Under these circumstances, the impact of such an attack, should it occur, would be even more destabilizing.’ Rob Wainwright, head of Europol said after the attacks on Paris: ‘We are dealing with a very serious, well-resourced, determined international terrorist organization that is now active on the streets of Europe. ‘This represents the most serious terrorist threat faced in Europe for 10 years.’
Mr. Wainwright warned that ISIS had serious capabilities in terms of resources and manpower.’ Nomi Bar-Yaacov, Associate Fellow in Chatham House’s International Security Department said: “There is a very real risk of ISIS using unconventional weapons in Europe and beyond.” Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Non-Proliferation Centre at NATO said: ‘ISIS actually has already acquired the knowledge, and in some cases the human expertise, that would allow it to use CBRN materials as weapons of terror.’ The report claims ‘ISIL/Da’esh has recruited and continues to recruit hundreds of foreign fighters, including some with degrees in physics, chemistry and computer science, who experts believe have the ability to manufacture lethal weapons from raw substances.’
EU governments have been warned to watch out for ‘other radicalised individuals, who have access to, or work in, sensitive areas.’ Intelligence services have also been warned to screen returning Jihadi fighters for ‘specialist CBRN knowledge.’ The shocking study claims that 150 cases of nuclear or radiological trafficking are reported annually. Worse still: ‘CBRN substances have been carried undetected into the European Union. ‘Interpol’s monthly CBRN intelligence reports show numerous examples of attempts to acquire, smuggle or use CBRN materials.’ –Daily Mail
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5 Responses to ISIS said to have smuggled weapons of mass destruction into European Union

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Take a close look at the shoulder mounted weapon that one terrorist has. To serve my memory correct, that is a Soviet-era PRC-7 made very popular in The Vietnam Conflict and a weapon made very popular by Islamic terror groups and during the Gulf Wars. It is an anti-tank weapon designed to penetrate up to 10 inches of armor I believe. Designed to defeat Nato Heavy Armor and of course lightly armor vehicles.

    Also, is used against defensive positions (How about your house/car/department store/mass transportation) . Also, this is a weapon that would destroy an armored vehicle we see being used by the police as we saw in the recent terrorist attack. Remember that thought. Suppose we see police responding to a terror event and one of these weapons is used. Would/could kill/wound everybody in the vehicle! Now, many heavy tanks have a reactive armor
    plates to reflect the damage this type of weapon could do

    Last night The President said that America is not at war with Islam. True, They are at war with us and he needs to realize that and the bringing in of refugees will escalate the problem.

    Now, God is taking peace from the country because we have kicked him out of our schools, many church’s and you all know what else has been going on. Been replaced with what we see coming now and other events. Americans always have possess weapons and now everyone is expecting some sort of trouble. How about one of the lawyers for the families stating he had purchased 3-4000 rounds of ammo? Other than being cheaper, why? Why do we think we need that much ammo, guns? I am not pointing the finger at gun owners but certain articles written on the internet (fear porn) have caused a rise in paranoia/anxiety.

    This could be our last peaceful Holiday season. The Islamic terrorists were merely following the teachings of their Quran. And the media said he/they were devoted Muslims. Expect more events against Christians. Going to have to wear conceal to churches. In South America, a few years ago, they burned 13 men/women and children alive. Look at ISIS, beheading.

    God help us…. Our streets are going to run with run if this is not stopped now.

    • Utopia: the Collapse says:

      Quote: “Last night The President said that America is not at war with Islam. True, They are at war with us and he needs to realize that and the bringing in of refugees will escalate the problem.”

      Then let Muslims go fight and die to stop what their own religion is turning into rather than having Christians fight, die, or dance around the issue of political correctness. Christians are fighting Muslims in a war with one religion (radical Islam) hating the other. What else do you call it?

      The war will end only when all are dead, or the hatred diffuses. This is why people say the planet would be better off without any religion. I warned this would happen in The Extinction Protocol.

      • Dennis E. says:

        Alvin, how about Christian leaders warning/advising the congregations to buy a handgun,ie: weapon and train which is the most important part. Many have weapons but do not understand how to use them. And there is not a magic bullet unless it has a computer chip and a guidance system. Many will die, many of them will die due to lack of fundamental training. At 100 yards a shot group that will fit within a nickel is not good when the target shoots back and hampers accuracy.

      • Utopia: the Collapse says:

        I heard about that. 100 million guns have been sold in America simply since Barack Obama became president. Which leads to three unthinkable scenarios:

        1). The terrorist threat will be defeated – unlikely
        2). A civil war of violence will ensue across America involving race and or religion
        3). A violent event will occur in America with the government’s foreknowledge – and that event will be used to collect guns and institute martial law

        The graphic visceral violence in video games, the terrorism attacks and bombing coming daily now, the plethora of guns and weapons everyone across the globe is stockpiling, the militarization of local police forces, the over-surveillance, the large government ammunition purchases, the production of these weapons by some of the world’s largest conglomerates and corporations. It’s all quite sickening what the human race is morphing into.

  2. Dennis E. says:

    One more point. Those who have to hide their faces to do a deed can not hide because it is the eyes that are the windows to the soul.

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