Britain poised to join air campaign against Islamic State in Syria

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December 2015LONDON Britain was poised on Wednesday to join a U.S.-led bombing campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria, with Parliament due to vote following a debate marked by bitter accusations that have revived the ghosts of Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war. The vote will come more than a year after the U.S. military first launched airstrikes against the Islamic State. Although Britain joined the allied campaign in Iraq last September, it has drawn a line at the Syrian border. After the Islamic State claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks last month that killed 130 people in Paris, however, British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to expand his country’s military contribution to both of the terrorist group’s main sanctuaries.
Cameron’s push is expected to receive a significant — though not overwhelming — majority. Dozens of members of the opposition Labour Party have indicated they will break ranks and join nearly all of Cameron’s ruling Conservatives in favor of a motion that describes Islamic State as “a direct threat to the United Kingdom,” and that cites a U.N. resolution against the group as justification for attacks. Britain’s participation is unlikely to alter the military balance in Syria, though Britain does bring precision-guided Brimstone missiles that are considered an asset for the U.S.-led alliance. The U.K.s contribution is more significant politically. Britain’s absence from the fight in Syria had raised questions about the commitment of a country that has long been considered Washington’s most vital ally.
Britain had declined to join the bombing campaign in Syria last year. The government reasoned that — unlike in Iraq — the Syrian government had not invited Western intervention. But Cameron and his backers now argue they cannot halt their campaign at a border that has become meaningless as the Islamic State has conquered territory stretching across both countries. –Washington Post
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One Response to Britain poised to join air campaign against Islamic State in Syria

  1. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    That’s right.. Syria did NOT ask for western intervention. It did ask for Russia’s help. I would not be surprised if Syria told USA and other bomb party idiots to keep their planes out of Syria airspace or be shot down by Syrian OR Russian planes. Everybody wants to bomb Syria but they have no way of stopping the rebels in the western countries from attacking THEM on their own lands..Idiots!

    The USA made the rebels because the citizens would not ok USA forces to invade Syria so now they have to pick and choose what rebels they want to grow and which they want to stifle but not erdicate. The USA don’t give one scoop about the people of Syria, neither does France or Britain nor any of the other whacks that have done nothing regarding the attacks these various rebel groups have made in other parts of the world.

    Countries are spending billions of dollars to buy huge war machines like submarines, TOW’s, anti aircraft batteries and updated war planes against an enemy that spends perhaps a couple of thousand dollars to kill a few hundred at a time and then a few crank phone calls to make fake bomb threats until the next real attack are ready to be executed.

    In the meantime we are told that GLOBAL WARMING / climate change is the biggest threat in the world. [ sigh ].

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