War expands in Yemen – 10,000 coalition troops in country now battling insurgents

September 2015 JEDDAH Emirati and Bahraini soldiers who were “martyred” in Yemen will be treated as Saudis “materially and morally,” said Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, SPA reported on Tuesday. He vowed that the blood of “our martyrs will not go in vain,” and added that “the (Saudi-led) coalition will continue its operations with determination to defeat the (Houthi) rebels and their supporters who tampered with the future of the brotherly people of Yemen and who tried to destabilize the region.”
The Iran-backed militia and their allies in the army fired a Soviet-era ballistic missile at an army base in the central province of Maarib on Friday, killing at least 60 Gulf Arab soldiers on Friday. The alliance has deployed 10,000 troops to Yemen, Qatari news channel Al Jazeera said. Yemen’s neighbors ramped up airstrikes on Sanaa on Tuesday and hope to launch a decisive assault soon on the city. “The number of coalition soldiers who have already entered Yemen has risen to 10,000,” Al Jazeera reported.
“A second contingent of Qatari soldiers will arrive today at Yemen after entering Al-Wadee border crossing (with Saudi Arabia) … as coalition forces have added to their military equipment with 30 Apache helicopters, armored vehicles and rocket launchers,” he added. A source close to the Qatari military confirmed that Doha was sending “mechanized infantry and armored vehicles” and that Sudan had committed to send 6,000 troops. “The operation in Sanaa … will use extensive bombing, air power, to support the ground offensive,” the source added. –Arab News
Twenty Indians killed in Yemen: A Saudi-led alliance killed at least 20 Indian nationals in air strikes on fuel smugglers at a Yemeni port on Tuesday, fishermen said, and more foreign troops were reported to be arriving to intensify the campaign against Houthi forces. The Houthi-run state news agency Saba also said that 15 citizens were killed in air strikes on Sanaa, and medical sources said at least 15 civilians were killed in similar attacks on Monday. It was not immediately possible to independently verify the figures. The alliance, made up mainly of Gulf Arab countries, has increased air strikes on Sanaa and other parts of the country since Friday, when a Houthi missile attack killed at least 60 Saudi, Bahraini and United Arab Emirates soldiers at a military camp east of Sanaa.
They were part of a force preparing to assault the capital, which the Iranian-allied Houthis seized last September. Friday’s attack was the deadliest yet for Gulf soldiers in the war and may herald a turning point as Saudi-allied countries appear to be committing to a ground war they had so far avoided. In western Yemen, local residents and fishermen said planes from the Saudi-led alliance struck two boats at al-Khokha, a small port near Hodeidah used by Indians to smuggle badly needed fuel supplies into the country, killing 20 of them. Officials were not immediately available to comment on the report. Qatari-owned Al Jazeera TV reported that the number of forces deployed by the alliance had risen to 10,000. –Reuters
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One Response to War expands in Yemen – 10,000 coalition troops in country now battling insurgents

  1. Richard Boit says:

    This Are Endtimes! The Word Of God In The Bible Book Of Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew, Revelation And Etc Has Written About This Endtime Wars And Rumours! Time Is Realy Over And The Messiah Is Imminent Coming!
    Lets Prepare The Way In Repentance And Turning Back To God. Shalom.

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