German Media: European refugee crisis is the result of U.S. Economic Wars

Europe Migrant Crisis
August 2015 GERMANYIn order to resolve the current refugee crisis, European governments should reconsider their foreign policy and force allies of the United States to end global economic wars. The war should be prevented by those who instigate it, otherwise the world will face dark times in the future, DWN wrote. Europe seems to be powerless with regard to the huge “refugee waves” from around the world. Angela Merkel acts as though she was completely taken by surprise, and so do other EU politicians helplessly watching the aggravating tendency, the newspaper wrote.
The lives of refugees are unenviable. Far-right groups view them as “parasites seeking to cling to the hard-won prosperity of Europeans.” Charity organizations can barely cope with the increasing inflows and secure more or less appropriate living conditions for them. According to DWN, the main reason for the current refugee crisis is economic war, initiated by a number of countries to enforce their economic and geopolitical interests. People become refugees when their homelands are devastated by the war, and usually there are superpowers involved in the “dirty game” of gaining profit. Those countries which position themselves as the guardians of democratic values and human rights often benefit from military conflicts more than anyone else, the newspaper wrote.
“Libya was stable until the West led by the US overthrew Gaddafi and plunged the country into chaos. Iraq was stable until George W. Bush declared it an evil empire. Syria was stable until Obama said Assad was a mass murderer,” the article said. The refugee crisis will continue as long as the Western public accepts the fact that global foreign policy is no longer made by responsible politicians, but by intelligence services and economic lobbies. Moreover, Europeans should reconsider their foreign policy and force Americans and their allies to stop global destruction, which arises from their geopolitical aspirations. If Europe continues its passive strategy, it will soon experience the next disaster. If the situation in Europe escalates, European countries will again have to host millions of people seeking to escape another war, DWN wrote. –MINA
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