International call sounded to stop the precarious march towards World War III, but is anybody listening?

August 2015GEOPOLITICS The following statement was issued by Schiller Institute on August 5, for mass circulation and signatures internationally. It is high time to break the most dangerous taboo of the present: to know and act on the acute possibility, that mankind may be annihilated within days or weeks. On the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world stands closer to the brink of thermonuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The Obama Administration and NATO have placed mankind in jeopardy of sudden extinction through a series of senseless provocations directed against Russia, primarily, and China second. When the Iron Curtain came down, an understanding was reached that, in return for Soviet acceptance of German re-unification within NATO, there would be no further eastward expansion of NATO.
Those who looked forward to a post-Cold War Europe of stability and cooperation, hoped that nations with potentially powerful industrial economies, such as Poland and then-Czechoslovakia, as well as-after the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union- Ukraine, would serve as a bridge between the European Union and an emerging Eurasian economic bloc. All of those fundamental war-prevention agreements have now been violated. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, publicly boasted in December 2013 that the US had spent $5 billion on “color revolutions” to draw Ukraine into the European Union, and, eventually, into NATO.
The United States unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty in order to deploy a missile defense system in Eastern and Southern Europe, ostensibly aimed at Iran, but actually targeted at Russia. Last week, the Obama Administration confirmed this reality by announcing the deployment would go forward, despite the P5+1 deal with Iran. Russian officials have charged, all along, that the US unilateral BMD in Europe was part of a plan for a pre-emptive thermonuclear strike capability against Russia. Deployment of that ABM system is well underway in Romania and Poland, and the first three ship-based AEGIS missile defense systems are already in place and have conducted maneuvers in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, both bordering Russian territory.
Now reports have surfaced that the upcoming Trident Juncture 15 NATO exercises will include rehearsals of use of nuclear weapons against Russia. Washington is moving ahead with production and deployment of a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons, the B-61-12, which can reach targets inside Russian territory from F-35 stealth fighter jets. An estimated 500 of the B-61-12 nuclear weapons are to be produced, with current plans calling for about 200 of them to be deployed on continental Europe. These unmistakable provocations have not gone unnoticed in the East and West. Since the onset of the Ukraine coup in November 2013, Russia has gone through major upgrading of its entire thermonuclear strategic force.
Russian defense officials have publicly warned that they have developed and deployed an undefeatable nuclear second strike. To demonstrate this, Russian strategic bombers and submarines have engaged in exercises in international waters near NATO territories. During the duration of the month of August, there is a grave danger of provocations against Russia by President Obama, who could use the occasion of the Congressional recess to launch a war. A wide range of influential figures has already voiced these concerns, including retired Russian and American flag officers.
The decision of Obama, to change the rules of engagement of the U.S. Air Force in Syria without Congressional approval three days after Congress went into recess, bringing about the immediate danger of an escalation into a war against Syria, which the Congress voted against two years ago, underlines the acuteness of the danger. In 1914 the world was sleepwalking into the catastrophe. Today, with arsenals of thermonuclear weapons sufficient to extinguish civilization dozens of times over, the world is sleepwalking again to the abyss. We, the undersigned, demand the immediate stop of the confrontation against Russia and China and a return to political solutions of all conflicts. –The People’s Voice
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7 Responses to International call sounded to stop the precarious march towards World War III, but is anybody listening?

  1. Dennis E. says:

    There is very little John-Q-Public can do except be right with God. Radiation nearly penetrates everything and eventually a person will have to come out and there you have grass,objects and so forth. I do not believe the entire world will be destroyed by nuclear weapons, but selected places like, major rail way hubs, airports and communication and control. In some cases neutron weapons will be used to kill the person with intense radiation but buildings and equipment could survive.
    Could also see an emp disruption of electronic devices, missile command and control.

    Still, not a bad idea to continue stock items. Ok, World war III combined with significant earth changes? Still going have to contend with civil disorder and such. Be armed, be aware.

    God will only allow so much harm to his world.

  2. Yellow Bird says:

    seeing rumors from many sources to be watching Beijing events from now to Sept 3, when the “70th Anniversary Parade” marches through…
    here’s one report
    ““In line with the work of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, and in accordance with arrangements and notices from related Beijing Municipal Governmnt departments, on August 22 and August 23, Sanlitun Taikoo Li South will come under martial law measures…
    “According to the requirements of related Beijing Municipal Government departments, during that period, all stores must temporarily cease operations. The time period is: August 22, 2015 3pm to August 23, 2015 2pm,” according to a letter from Swire Properties to tenants obtained by the Beijinger.” …”At least two Courtyard Four business owners have also confirmed “… “More closures in the area are likely” … “Beijing municipal officials had previously announced that Tiananmen Square and the Wangfujing area will be closed to the public due to a rehearsal for the September 3 military parade. …
    “However, what this has to do with [closures in] Sanlitun, we’re not entirely sure. Stay with the Beijinger for updates.”

  3. Yellow Bird says:

    this tweet just out of china
    “Chinese parade has Russia and Mongolia, three former republics of the former Soviet Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan three, a total of five branches of foreign troops determined to participate. [This is intended to commemorate the victory against fascism or fascist Victory Memorial? ʱ??”
    墙外楼‏@letscorp5m5 minutes ago

    • Yellow Bird says:

      add to the above, this Official press release:
      “BEIJING, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) — The Chinese military has ordered a thorough safety check of the army’s storage of weapons and ammunitions after last week’s deadly warehouse explosions in Tianjin…
      “The army and armed police were told to carry out thorough examination of their weapon, ammunition, fuel, chemical, explosive and toxic material warehouses.”

      routine safety checks or taking inventory in preparations for…?

  4. Yellow Bird says:

    is this typical- even for china??

    new tweets from Tom Phillips Beijing Correspondent ‏@tomphillipsin Aug 19
    “Police orders for 3 Sept WW2 parade have reached @guardian Beijing bureau: ‘Dont open windows, dont go on balconies, dont take any photos!’

    Tom Phillips ‏@tomphillipsin 2h2 hours ago
    Sanlitun #uniqlo gearing up for martial law

    • Yellow Bird says:

      today’s updates from Tom Phillips (Guardian Correspondent in Beijing)

      “Tom Phillips ‏@tomphillipsin 7h7 hours ago
      Dozens of trucks carrying tanks now pouring into central Beijing #embracethewonderment

      “Tom Phillips ‏@tomphillipsin 8h8 hours ago
      Gob-smacked. Have just been barred from leaving my home because of Beijing military parade rehearsal. Told can’t leave until noon tomorrow”

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