Poll: 72% of Americans fear economic crash coming, concern ‘highest ever’

Economic Collapse
June 2015ECONOMY The ever-expanding Republican presidential field, which threatens to splinter over social issues as dark horses grab hot-button topics for attention, is being urged to stick to the economy where the real pot of voter gold sits. “Concern over the economy is the highest I’ve ever seen,” top GOP pollster Ed Goeas told the moderate Republican Ripon Society. He said 72 percent are worried about an economic downturn. “Republicans need to get into the game on better turf and that means talking in specifics about how we will bring the economy back and help create the jobs that go with real recovery,” added pollster David Winston.
According to Winston, the economy was the top voter concern in 45 of 46 primaries and caucuses. The only exception was the 2008 Iowa caucus when illegal immigration trumped the economy, 33 percent to 26 percent. Typically, during both elections, issues like immigration and abortion were minor blips. And social issues don’t dominate southern contests. In 2012, for example, the states of Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maryland and Wisconsin had the highest concerns about abortion, well above that among the voters of South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
Winston also said that winning the economy as an issue propelled that candidate to victory. “So in 2012, if the candidate was winning the economy, they were the winner in 19 out of 20 primaries/caucuses. In 2008, if the candidate was winning the economy, they won 25 out of 26,” he added in an analysis for Secrets. For example, in 2012, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won the economy as the issue in South Carolina where he pulled off his upset victory. And Goeas said keeping the focus on the economy, and not pandering to voter groups, is the key. “The middle class is our target. The middle class is, by definition, 70 percent of the electorate,” he told a private Ripon conference. “When we talk about the African American vote and when we talk about the Hispanic vote, the key to winning these votes is not approaching them as Hispanics or African Americans, but rather approaching them as middle class voters – as hardworking taxpayers,” he added in a video released later to Secrets. –Washington Examiner
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3 Responses to Poll: 72% of Americans fear economic crash coming, concern ‘highest ever’

  1. Joseph sonny Skies says:

    The real problem in this country as you can see by reading between the lines of this blog is that candidates want to WIN. They do not care about being leaders of a moral value or of bringing people together in working for a better union. They just want to win votes to gain power and prestige to get into position for the NWO. They will pander to anyone or any group that shows an interest in giving them this power. They are all as worthless politically as a wooden nickel.

  2. Dennis E. says:

    The US market is overvalued because the common person has been told to invest their life savings
    in the market to increase their quality of life after retirement and millions have. The Market is the new Vegas. If I was in the market, I would pull out now, count my losses, pay my debts, keep some to pay the taxes for taking my money out and prepare for a significant downturn in the market and economy. I am not saying to be selfish but many Americans do not have an emergency fund.

    You family comes first……..

    I do not have any stocks or bonds or a 401K. I am living as debt free as I can. Many of you cannot. But, looking at recent events in the world, hell is coming to the world and to America. Will not be able perhaps to withstand all the events, but a little is better than none. Does not hurt to have paper money at the house, but shut up and don’t tell strangers or even family your business, not even your children, let everything be a surprise. it has been my experience, that in regards to larcenies and other thefts, it was a family member who did it or told someone else what was in the house.

    We have yet to see what other people will do to one another when they are hungry and desperate.

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