High Tech World War: U.S. making plans for global cyber warfare – prepare for a day where nothing works

Cyber War
January 2015CYBER WARFAREThe Australian government is employing specialist surveillance officers to ready ourselves for the next generation of warfare, which will be fought with computers rather than guns. Working with the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand as part of the not-so-secret ‘Five Eyes’, the group has even bugged UN leaders Kofi Annan and weapons inspector Hans Blix. New leaks published by Spiegel, using information leaked from Edward Snowden, show how wars will be fought in cyberspace. And we’re not talking about a few stolen files or leaked movies, it will be the full take down of power plants, phone networks and transport systems. Five Eyes was originally an alliance between the US and the UK at the end of WW2 — an agreement to share intelligence. Australia, Canada and New Zealand joined the alliance in 1955, and since then intelligence data and facilities (such as Pine Gap in central Australia) have been shared between the nations.
In the 1970s the group was involved in the CIAs orchestration to overthrow Chile’s President Salvador Allende — something documents show Australia was heavily involved in. Since the September 11 attacks the capabilities of Five Eyes have been significantly increased, with the group spying on everyone from world leaders, to students on their Facebook accounts. A spokesperson from ASIO told news.com.au that the alliance was crucial in providing protection to Australia. “Responding effectively to the transnational nature of security threats demands international cooperation between security and intelligence agencies,” they said. Adding, “Effective liaison relationships with international partners have proved to be vital in protecting Australia from the threat posed by foreign fighters returning from conflicts in the Middle East.”
From the eyes of the military, mass digital surveillance of the internet is just “phase 0”. This mass surveillance includes anything from private Facebook messages, to internet browsing history and even what has been purchased online. The surveillance will apparently be used to detect vulnerabilities in enemy computer systems, to then infiltrate and gain permanent access. Once that is done, words like “dominate”, “control” and “destroy” get thrown around to describe what Five Eyes will do after a successful phase 0. –News.au
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2 Responses to High Tech World War: U.S. making plans for global cyber warfare – prepare for a day where nothing works

  1. harold says:

    So true..Regular citizens need to prepare for war.The US goverment is pushing Russia and Mr. Putin, may nuke the crooks {White house,congress,senate and maybe military bases..} This adminstration is forcing a war with Russia..Get the international bankers too Mr.Putin..The normal people will praise you for it. Live REAL or die a fake excuse for a human being..Americans goverment is out of control..Some country needs to stop the madness of this US goverment.

  2. niebo says:

    Global Cyber-War and “fought with computers rather than guns” might prove to be speculation, er, wishful thinking: this from DefenseNews”: US “training” troops going to Ukraine.

    You know, like the way we got involved in VietNam.


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