Kurdish female fighter blows up herself at ISIS gathering – yes, it’s getting this out-of-control

October 2014 SYRIAA female Kurdish fighter blew herself up at a gathering of the Islamic State (IS) near the Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria Sunday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The unnamed woman, which was a leading figure at the Kurdish militants of the People’s Protection Units or YPG, stormed a gathering of the IS fighters at the outskirts of Kobane, hurling grenades at them before blowing herself up, Xinhua reported citing the observatory.
The observatory said the incident marked the first instance where a female fighter carried out a suicide mission, especially in Kobane where Kurdish female fighters fight alongside the Kurdish men to defend the city against the wide-scale attack by the IS. The clashes around Kobane are still incessant as the IS succeeded to seize control over 350 villages around Kobane since they unleashed the attack against the city in September, the statement said. The suicide bombing by the Kurdish woman came just a couple of days after another 19-year-old Kurdish woman fighter shot herself down after finding herself surrounded by IS forces near Kobane. –BD News24
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8 Responses to Kurdish female fighter blows up herself at ISIS gathering – yes, it’s getting this out-of-control

  1. Dennis E. says:

    If this indeed is the female, your are looking at a lost soul. It is a shame. She accomplished nothing.
    It did not and will not stop this fighting. Only a complete defeat will.
    All of us have heard about the male Suicide Bombers who are told that they will ascend to Paradise
    and get 70 Virgins. I read an account that there is a misinterpretation in that in the manner its written, it interprets to 70 white raisins……
    What about the women?
    None of the people who carry out acts as this do not make it.
    It seems that some serve a god who ask them to die for him but would not die for them?
    It is a shame that many are so deceived.

    That is my opinion.

    • Roger says:

      No, that is not your opinion that is your poisonous condescending religious agenda. She does not appear to be a “lost soul”, she clearly sacrificed herself to attack religious fanatics who are slaughtering everyone who does not follow islam or doesn’t follow their own ridiculous version of islam.
      her motive is not heaven, kurds fight for freedom on earth, not for some after-life fantasy. Whether a god or allah would help them or not, they’ll still persist and fight for their freedom.

      • Dennis E. says:

        Regardless, the fight continues, ISIS continues to grow.
        Kurds are 98 per cent sunni muslims and 2 per cent shia muslims. And they as well as muslims members of ISIS still bow the knee to mecca.
        It did not stop the fighting.
        She is a forgotten person and 99 per cent of the world doesn’t know her name or care.No plaques have been made, no buildings named after her or ships.
        Same idea in Israel, when its done there, the world doesn’t care, they just shake their head and life goes on. No suicide bombing in Israel has changed nothing other than increase the tension. This persons death did not even make the evening news.

        They could use her now……..

  2. niebo says:

    When I first read the headline I thought she was part of ISIS (a suicide bomber who suffered premature detonation), but, no; she is their worst fear, in the flesh:


  3. Billy Cox says:


  4. Doccus says:

    I feel just awful about her death ;-( How come she had no problem finding a whole meeting of the IS people, but Obama has to , unsuccesfulty carpetbomb whole areas to get just a few of them? It has shades of the incompetence of being able to locate a bearded guy living in a cave.. who all the locals could direct the press to for an interview. Remember that?
    And it appears that BO has the troops to spare, since he sent several thousand to Africa to fight those ebola viruses. Seriously. Are these viruses now armed and wearing flack gear, hiding behind every tree? Apparently finding, instead, several thousand medical professionals was impossible, although I do accept that might easily be the case, the troops would be better served rooting out the ISIS bunch. Just ask some locals for directions to the nearest cell….

  5. madmaxi379 says:

    Never get in the way of a real woman protecting her family and home. This woman who gave all has seen the horrors ISIS inflicts on women, children and men. She knows the ISIS scum wants to invade her homeland and continue raping, enslaving, killing the people and destroying churches, mosques, and historical places while implementing an fundamentalist bastardized version of Sharia law. She died to take out a group of ISIS scum and that makes her a hero.

    This is why men are afraid of women fighting wars. As an US Army vet I can honestly say we may be not as strong but we have endurance, as even the male solders admit. Then when the tough gets tougher the women will stand up and do the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the whole much faster then most men will. Women are, in general, better at thinking fast in chaos and multi-tasking. That is why whenever a country is invaded there were equal or greater numbers of freedom fighters and resistant fighters who were women.

    It is laughable how the US military refuses to pay, and recognize the women who were actively in live combat zones during Iraq and Afghanistan. They are just too afraid of the sexiest couch potatoes watching their TVs, shining their guns, and buying cheap gas yet not paying a price of even inconvenience for 2 wars other then armchiar quarterback complaining. But in an all volunteer military they should emulate Israel’s defense forces. No one would cross the Israeli women soldiers and gee, they still are able to be completely, feminine women too. It does not make them mini-men. Just different strengths that can be used well in wartime.

    • Nick says:

      So true. We forget that there were women at the FRONT LINE during the American revolution. It was their job to clean the barrels of cannons before the next shot. I think they were called “Molly Gunners.”. Women cut their hair and disguised themselves as men during the American Civil War, and it was during that war when women were used as spies by both sides in large numbers.

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