World War 3 worries loom again, as nations engage in dangerous game of posturing

September 2014UKRAINE – Last week, Putin said, “Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words,” reports Business Insider. Moscow conducted a drill showing off its nuclear defense capabilities last month, utilizing over 4,000 soldiers to show off its power. While some may suggest that Russia may kick off World War 3 with a nuclear strike, others are drawing comparisons with the Cold War, which does seem more appropriate—at least for now. During the Cold War, relations between Washington and Moscow were strained, to say the list, after Russians invaded Afghanistan. During that time, the nuclear arms race was running hot and heavy as both Moscow and Washington raced to build nuclear weapons that could take just minutes to reach their target. Russia has already put in place a system called Dead Hand or Perimeter, which is designed to prevent a nuclear strike from the U.S. The system is able to launch all of Russia’s nuclear weapons upon activation. The goal of the system was to launch a nuclear strike even if the West and NATO managed to wipe out Russian leadership. It begins by attempting to reach human contact to determine if anyone is left alive. If no one is alive, then the system automatically launches a nuclear strike.
If human presence is detected, then the system looks for signs of a nuclear attack, like radioactivity, extreme light and sudden changes in air pressure. If it decides that there had been a nuclear strike, then all of Russia’s nuclear weapons throughout the country would launch, targeting numerous locations all over the Northern Hemisphere. Russian military strategy—will it plant the seeds for World War 3? Putin adopted a policy of nuclear “de-escalation” in 2000, limiting the use of nuclear weapons. The policy calls for a limited nuclear strike if it sustained a major attack using conventional weapons that surpassed its ability to defend itself. Experts say Russia is weak in the area of conventional weapons. If the fight with Ukraine escalates much further, NATO could get even more involved, and experts say Moscow knows it needs nuclear weapons to stand up to the global organization. –Value Walk

        Will such military conflicts soon erupt across the globe if tensions are not deescalated?

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7 Responses to World War 3 worries loom again, as nations engage in dangerous game of posturing

  1. Tanker says:

    The saying, “Why can’t we all just get along,” comes to mind. With that being said they’re will always be evil in the world. They’re will always good and bad. Some view kindness as weakness, some see a person who is afraid to act as weakness. Unfortunately the current US president has shown weakness, and the inability to act. He has also down graded the funding of the military. He has showed the country, the world, he is weak. Now other world leaders will exploit his weakness and do as they please.

  2. Dennis E. says:

    Soon comes the breakdown of social order and what seems right to every man will be done.
    If you have a self defense plan, that is good, update it accordingly.
    If you do not have a self defense plan, you are almost too late.
    The world is sinking into chaos and from that chaos will arise a New World Order of death and hell.
    But, you and I have to live through it.
    You and I may not be able to depend upon law enforcement for help because they may be dead or unable due to the depth of the disruption.
    Many people will lose their souls during this period.
    The world is on the edge.

    Just my opinion

    Remember earth changes……….

  3. Frankie says:

    My concerns why is Russia and China so quiet? Something is up

  4. jopusm says:

    I believe the newer COD: Ghost game is more accurate. It starts with the Russian Federation taking over small parts of what used to be the USSR…then an attempt on a global level. Funny how it protrays something that is seemingly in the process and came out before the annexation

  5. Frankie says:

    IMO Russia is drawing west attention to Middle east draining $ and weapons encouraging the nations to turn their backs to the west then strike us down. Do not care for how they ask us to judge them hiding behind women and children when I witness them doing the same with the 3 men who loss their lives we are nothing more than pawns in a tasteless world.

  6. says:

    Commence slowly and preserve at it because it will soon be worth it to make
    your stockpile.

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