Iraq War 3.0 – U.S. troops prepare for rollout as U.S. drones strike ISIS positions in endless “terror wars”

August 2014IRAQ – United States Marines, Special Forces and the USAID disaster assistance relief team briefly landed today on Mt. Sinjar in Iraq, a U.S. official told ABC News. It was the first time ABC News has learned of any Americans landing on the mountain, where thousands of Yazidis are trapped and facing a humanitarian crisis. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Tuesday that the United States has sent a 130 member military assessment team to Erbil in the autonomous Iraqi province of Kurdistan to determine what further assistance the U.S. can provide to the Yazidis. It didn’t take long for Obama’s latest stern promise that no US troops would be on the ground to become… troops are now on the ground.
The good news, as US troops are about to fight ISIS mercenaries armed with US weapons, is that for now at least, no US troops have died in this most recent US intervention in Iraq – the latest in a series of US humanitarian liberation of the middle east country beginning in 1990. But what happens when the first body bags come home? What will the Nobel Peace Prize winning president’s spin be then? –Zero Hedge
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One Response to Iraq War 3.0 – U.S. troops prepare for rollout as U.S. drones strike ISIS positions in endless “terror wars”

  1. Chris says:

    First.. war is unpredictable. Wishful thinking at the outset is turned to a brutal reality at any and several points during the event. If you think that O’s claim to not put troops on the ground is gospel truth.. you’re naïve. Now, as to this function, information needed to be gained (how many people were in the mountains) and the only way to get it was to go there and count them. Marines needed to be there because of the proximity to hostilities and to protect those that needed to gather the information. To make claim that this operation was anything clandestine is like a false assumption. Wrong.

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