Stocks reach record highs: Is the mother of all market bubbles forming?

JUNE 2014 FINANCE – This is the rally that started all the way back in April. You might remember the blood moon, this rally started right there. The original channel is the bold blue all the way on the left. As you can see the original move was in the stronger channel. When it comes to Andrews you want to build channels to the left, not the right. This has to be right because of all the validations. The recent action is much higher but it is hugging the weakest part of the entire mechanism. All I can tell you this is a condition that is extremely rare. Is it a paper tiger? How about a house of glass? How about a bubble? If you listen to television, most of the analysts we’ve heard lately will tell you there is none. What is strange about this is more people were talking about the probability of a bubble back in February than right now. One of the prerequisites for a bubble is most people involved in one way or another deny the existence of it. Think about it, how can there possibly be a bubble when GDP came in at 1%? How can there possibly be a bubble when there are tens of thousands of people who are structurally unemployed and not even counted in the rolls anymore? If that’s the case, how can people possibly try to buy the stock market when rates rise indicating an improving economy?
If you seriously study markets you’ll come to realize there are certain points in history where markets become incredibly irrational and borderline on becoming delusional. I think this is one of those times. I don’t really know what to make of this NQ chart, but what I can tell you is something is not right. Elsewhere the U.S. Dollar had a parabolic move up to the 200 day moving average. Its right there and met the declining average for the first time since last September. What usually happens in this types of conditions is the 200 will flatten out so what that might mean is a flat US Dollar for a while. Then you have the bond market which has made a lot of headlines lately because the market rallied as bond prices dropped (meaning rates went higher). We think ultimately prices on the bond market will end up going much lower but it might not happen for a long time. If you look at a long term bond chart you’ll see its ability to go sideways for weeks or months at a time. My whole problem here is at 5 years off the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and the weakest recovery we are in no position to get excited about rates going higher. The price of a gallon of gas is already through the roof and the affordability of houses in this country is already a big issue when you consider the unofficial unemployment rate. My point is if you are thinking about real prosperity coming back like in the 80’s or 90’s we are likely several years away. If the psychology is for the stock market to go up on rising rates we truly should see the bond market in a roller coaster type trading range for at least the next year or two.
I don’t see the bond market going much higher right now either due to all of the serious overhead resistance on the longer term chart. It’s been trying to go higher this year. That’s okay but I doubt it could sustain. So what does all of this mean? We have the makings of a bubble right here. In case nobody else wants to say it, I will. But we are on the back end of a time window to last year’s June low. There is one last chance for the market to correct and avoid a true bubble but the margin of error is slim and we likely need to start seeing that correction materialize this week. –Future’s Mag
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6 Responses to Stocks reach record highs: Is the mother of all market bubbles forming?

  1. Hom says:

    So that’s what had happened, the Bull killed the Bear. My bet was the Bull charged at the Bear at a very high rate of speed at point of contact sent the Bear flying toward the moon and landed with a big splash with blood all over the moon surface to give moon’s appearance of Blood Moon. OK I’m shorting the stars! Selling the stars as I’m expecting the price to drop [stars falling as mention in Revelation]. Hom

  2. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    The stock market bubble will probably not burst until after the health care crash in the USA. The Affordable Health care plan is anything but affordable and is now one more super bill that few can afford to pay. The housing market is flooded with sellers and few buyers, many homes on foreclosure lists, the amount to pay on health insurance deductibles is enough to make many people broke..One pandemic in this country and it’s over. In the meantime the stock market players will still be raising stock market prices because they will have no need to sell their stocks for emergency cash! They are the billionaires and they own most of all stocks. Companies trade with other companies not people.They are in their own world and what happens to the masses is inconsequential!

  3. Dennis E. says:

    The Stock Market is a Ponzi scheme.
    Remember 1933, the great crash?

  4. Dennis E. says:

    The Market is a ponzi scheme.
    Perhaps not in its beginning.
    Remember 1933?
    But everything is corrupt now,it seems.
    I think it is too high to buy now, if a person desire to wade in.

  5. Dennis E. says:

    I always heard that you buy low,sell high, which I did.
    In the time that we live in, the market is a ponzi scheme in my opinion.
    I always reading how less money the american family has now.
    So, who is putting money into the stock market?

  6. onecowco says:

    Oh I put money into my stock market all the time, and reap and use the dividends daily. Her name is Daisy, I buy her feed and hay, she gives me milk. My other “stock” is in the freezer now….. 😉

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