Russia holds military drills to repel nuclear strike: sends clear message to the West – ‘repels nuclear missile attack’

May 2014 RUSSIA – President Vladimir Putin has overseen military drills on countering nuclear strike. The planned drills come ahead of the May 9 celebrations dedicated to victory in World War II. “We are carrying out tests of the readiness of the Russian armed forces. It was announced last November. The exercises will involve all branches of the armed forces across the country,” Putin told reporters at the Defense Ministry. Modern challenges and threats to the country’s national security demand that the army and the fleet are maintained in readiness for quick and effective retaliation in any conditions, the Russian Defense Minister and army general Sergey Shoigu told Putin in a report. During the drills, it was demonstrated how the missile corps, artillery, aviation and anti-aircraft defenses can be used – for instance, to destroy troops on the ground or to counter massive missile, aviation or nuclear strikes by an enemy.  Plus, it was shown how to inflict a launch-through-attack strike with nuclear missiles.  The training exercises, which are due to include ground troops and artillery as well as the air force, were held during a summit of heads of state of a security bloc made up of former Soviet states. Led by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian aerospace defense troops have successfully overridden a massive nuclear missile strike, an official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti news agency.
“At the Priozersk training area (Kazakhstan), a successful interception of a ballistic target by a short-range counter-missile was carried out. A massive rocket nuclear strike was repelled by a ballistic missile defense unit of air and missile defense troops,” the representative said. The representative also detailed that the combat crews of Armies of Aerospace Defense have discovered and accompanied the ballistic targets with the launch of a short-range interception missile of the Amur complex.  “The anti-missile system successfully struck the target that imitated a ballistic rocket,” the representative added. The strategic weapon carrier Tu-95MC conducted launches of six cruise missiles aiming at targets on the ground in the aviation training area of the Western military district, as part of the drills. The simulated targets were key facilities of military infrastructure of a hypothetical enemy. All the targets were hit as planned, Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed. The presidents of Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan observed the drills from the Russian National Defense Command Center. Strategic bomber aircraft and underwater missile carriers of the Pacific and Northern fleets were involved in the drills. Also, strategic land-based mobile missile systems, as well as the missile corps of the Southern and Central military districts, participated in the tests. –RT News
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5 Responses to Russia holds military drills to repel nuclear strike: sends clear message to the West – ‘repels nuclear missile attack’

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I watched the video……Touching.
    When the video starts, if we were in 1944, those 122mm rockets would have been launched on German positions on The Eastern Front mounted on Ford Chassis from The USA.

    I was impressed by the multi prop bomber Nato code name Bear, that has flown on recon missions near both our coast lines and naval units for over 50 years.

    A beautiful piece of machinery……and just as deadly.

    Now who said that the Russian bear was dead?

  2. niebo says:

    Well, at least we can all sleep better knowing that WE have been rolling back our weapons stockpile for the sake of nuclear disarmament, because WE are committed to “making the world a safer place” . . . . Right?

  3. Dennis E. says:

    And The US Military does this too.
    The Russians just want to say ,we can too.

  4. niebo says:

    “The anti-missile system successfully struck the target that imitated a ballistic rocket” . . . but, even so, I have no fear whatsoever of Russia’s ability (or anyone else’s) to hit our missiles or our infrastructure, because what’s stuck in my head is an echo: “I’m more concerned about a nuclear bomb in Manhattan. . . .”

  5. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin, sorry to double-post (or triple-post, now) but this one has been bothering me a lot, because, well, with everything going on, wars, rumors of wars, the propaganda, the “foreshadowing” with “news” stories about foreign bomb-makers being “lost” within our borders, the state dept. making mass purchases of plastique and detonators, etc., I find that I am not at all afraid of Russia. So I guess that means I’m asking, “please ignore my first post”. Thanks.

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