Utopia a book by Alvin Conway


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4 Responses to Utopia a book by Alvin Conway

  1. Alvin.. wishing you well with your Book sales… 🙂 Sue xox

  2. WRas says:

    Just a suggestion to add some more visual impact to the dominoes depicted in the advertising/book cover albeit subtle. Make the last one “double one” i.e. “snake eyes”. The standard associations of “snake eyes” is treachery/betrayal and in some dice games bad luck! Also (from Wikipedia) “Snake eyes also refers to looking one way and passing the ball the other way in the game of Taps.”.
    In a similar vain a double Six (in dice) is called Boxcars due to the association with freight train (difficult to stop abruptly once they have momentum) …so make double six (Boxcars ) the penultimate and double one (snake eyes) the last. Although from what I am reading we are already at the “penultimate” domino (Malchy prophesy comes to mind).

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