Truancy rates skyrocket in Chicago while dropout rates decline

January 2014EDUCATION /PRNewswire/ — New data on truancy, chronic truancy and high school dropouts in Chicago and Illinois was released at a high-level policy briefing, “Hope & Opportunity: Creating Futures for Out-of-School Youth,” with state legislators and Chicago Public Schools to frame discussions regarding future plans and opportunities for out-of-school youth. The collection of data released at the Hope & Opportunity briefing highlights comparative trends between truancy and dropouts and shows dropout rates in Chicago and Illinois ostensibly declining by nearly half between 2006 and 2012, while truancy and chronic truancy appear to have doubled between 2006 and 2009 and then after falling, shot up almost threefold in 2012. “The new collection of data reveals that while dropout rates appear to be declining, truancy and chronic truancy in Chicago and Illinois appear to be dramatically escalating.  While this data presents a hopeful sign for declining dropouts, the seeming rise in truancy and chronic truancy is troubling and warrants further analysis,” said Jack Wuest, Executive Director at the Alternative Schools Network in Chicago. The data framed discussions for re-enrolling out-of-school youth at policy forum held today at The Union League Club of Chicago.  Convening co-sponsors for the briefing included the Chicago Urban League, Illinois State Council on Re-Enrolling Students Who Dropped Out of School, Youth Connection Charter School, and the Alternative Schools Network. –ASN
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