Civilization unraveling: 5 killed in violent protests in Ukraine

January 2014KIEV, UkraineAt least five people died on streets in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, early Wednesday morning, the first fatalities in a two-month long protest that had been mostly peaceful until this week. One 20-year-old was confirmed to have been shot to death. The lethal turn seemed likely only to escalate tensions in the already roiling capital. The 20-year-old man died from a gunshot wound on a street near the Parliament of Ukraine, known as the Verkhovna Rada, according to medics who treated him near the site, news agencies reported. It was initially unclear whether he was struck by a rubber or a metal bullet. Police confirmed the death, but did not elaborate. The Interfax news agency cited a medic at the scene saying it appeared the man had been shot by a sniper. Another protester died nearby after falling from a colonnaded entrance to a soccer stadium; protesters had been climbing this roughly 36-foot tall structure, its flat top slick with snow, to drop petroleum bombs on riot police below. Protest leaders confirmed this death. –NY Times
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